N1005C Conversion to Air Force C-121

Photos courtesy of John Winkelman

N1005C, originally built as an L-1049E for Cubana, is being restored at the Air Mobility Command Museum at Dover AFB, Dover, DE as an Air Force C-121. John Winkelman visited it in March, 2008 and this is his report.

I found 05C in better shape than I expected. The restorers have spent many hours working to bring it up to display standards. The extended radome was not available, but one is being negotiated. Several instruments are missing from the forward panels. Also missing were the cockpit seats which have been replaced by donated DC-10 seats. Hat racks are also missing. The interior has new metal flooring covering the original wood. Correct round-tip Hamilton-Standard propellers are installed. All of the other Seaboard Connies had Curtiss Electric props with square tips. Missing behind the props are the afterbodies, fairings that direct the airflow into the cowlings. They can be seen here.

So finally there is a secure home for 05C, a long journey from Cubana. There will be no more hors d'oeuvres or cocktails. The controls are locked and the gear is down and locked for good. A proud tribute to earlier days. The museum also has a top-notch TWA Connie simulator available for use.

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n05c-2t.jpg John in the doorway

n05c-3t.jpg John at the engineer's panel

n05c-4t.jpg John in the cockpit

n05c-5t.jpg Four members of the large restoration team working under
MSgt. Rick Veller, Restoration Chief.

Ed Barnes, Marty Martel, Larry Phillips and Mike Phillips

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