George Jacoban's Homebuilt and Sailplane Activities

Courtesy of Bill Stegman

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George's first homebuilt, N172GJ, was a Rutan Quickie. It is one of many innovative designs by Burt Rutan.

gj08t.jpg  The Quickie on the front lawn


gj09t.jpg  Another view of this unusual aircraft


George's second homebuilt, N335CR, was a GlasAir RG. He sold it a few years ago.

gj02t.jpg  Pat Parlette in the GlasAir RG


gj03t.jpg  George and Paul Cellecz in the GlasAir RG

 Bill Hyatt and Mike Wojciechowski are standing in the background.

George has also been involved with sailplanes. He is a member of the Long Island Soaring Association (LISA) where he has been an instructor and is involved in maintenance on club aircraft.

gj027.jpg  George about to land N9857E, a Schweizer 2-32

 Courtesy of Bill Stegman

gj021.jpg  Pat Parlette and George in the Schweizer


gj05t.jpg  George and LISA members with the Super Cub tow plane


gj06t.jpg  George and club member doing maintenance on a Cessna 172