Capt. Paul Jordan's De Haviland Tiger Moth

All photos courtesy of Capt. Paul Jordan

Paul and his partner, Kurt Hofschneider, restored this magnificent airplane in 1972 - 1973. In the summer of 1973, they flew it to the EAA fly-in at Oshkosh, Wisconsin. The airplane was judged Antique Category Champion, WWII 1939-1945. Anyone who knows about the hundreds of beautifully restored aircraft that are at Oshkosh every year will appreciate the perfection required to be judged Champion. It was later donated to the National Museum of the USAF in Dayton, Ohio.

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pj01t.jpg A spectacular shot of the airplane over New York City.

pj05t.jpg Walter Bernhold and Paul Jordan

pj03t.jpg Seaboard F/E Jay Maxwell working on the airplane.  

pj04t.jpg Bill Eastwood

pj02t.jpg Fred Snyder and Ken Kahn at the Reading (PA) Airshow, June, 1978.

pj09t.jpg Mike Wojciechowski

pj06t.jpg Another great shot over NYC.