Pat Powers Rothacker

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In 1959, Pat Powers was working in a secretarial position at Pepsi-International. She decided to become a stewardess and went to work for Capital Airlines. She flew on DC-3's, DC-4's, Constellations, and Viscounts. In 1960, Pat got married to Captain Ira Fargotstein, a fighter pilot, and retired. Tragically, he died in a road accident only six months later, in February, 1961. She then returned to flying for non-sked airlines. While on a charter flight, she met Capt. Ray Poole at the Palace Hotel in Frankfurt. He suggested that Pat call Seaboard's Chief Stewardess, Jan Irwin, about a job, and she did. Pat flew for Seaboard from 1962 to until 1966, when she was furloughed. Pat got a job managing the travel department at Columbia's Electronic Research Laboratories (which became the Riverside Research Institute). There, she met Donald Rothacker, an engineer-physicist. They married and have one daughter, Marlene. In 1978, they moved to Fairfax, Virginia, where Pat owned and operated a travel agency for eleven years. Pat and Donald attended the 2007 SPAR reunion.

In 2004, Pat's book about her airline career, White Gloves to Washington, was published. The dust jacket is shown below.

In 2010, Pat published her second book, A Smile Never Hurts, about her liver transplant. Pat is donating the proceeds to provide a scholarship for a girl from the South Bronx to attend school. Contact Pat to purchase the book.

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Pat is on the right
(in a Capital uniform.)