Lou & Kathy Furlong's Visit With Bob Snowden

August, 2009

In August 2009, during one of their trips in their Super Cub, Lou & Kathy stopped on Long Island to visit Bob Snowden who founded SPAR 36 years ago. Here are some photos they took.

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sno2433t.jpg En route they passed over JFK. All Seaboard pilots will find the view (looking southeast) familiar.  

sno2441t.jpg This view shows Building 260, at top center, unoccupied and in sad disreapair.
The triple hangers are bottom center.  

sno2450t.jpg Bob and Lou in front of Lou's Super Cub at the Mattituck airport  

sno2452t.jpg SPAR founder and current SPAR president  

sno2455t.jpg Bob getting ready for takeoff. You can see the gleam in his eye.
He flew airplanes until he was 85 years old.  

sno2457t.jpg Bob Snowden Jr. and Bob Snowden III  

sno2485t.jpg At home in Cutchogue  

sno2473t.jpg Bob's house is filled with aviation memorabilia from his career.  

sno2487t.jpg Bob's wings and other insignia  

sno2493t.jpg SPAR certificate given to Bob when he retired  

sno2495t.jpg Two captains, both great contributors to SPAR
Lou's dad checked Bob out in the DC-8.