Capt. Harry Donnell's Watches


My name is Harry Donnell, a private collector of pocket watches. I am interested in meeting other collectors, exchanging ideas, watches, and even perhaps reviewing our respective collections. So, if you are interested in pocket watches, even if you are not a collector, but have granddad's old one, and would like to know what granddad's pocket watch is worth I will be happy to appraise it for you, free. I like all watches, but my main interest rests in gold pocket watches.

If you are interested, whether you have one watch or a hundred, all gold or no gold, get in touch.

I am not into computers, consequently communication will have to be 'snail mail' or the old 'land line'.

My name and address:

Harry S. Donnell

168 Wyndham Ave.

High Point, NC 27265

Tel: (336) 869-0142