Paul & Sheila Cellecz's Visit to the Baseler Eck

August, 2005

To: SPAR Readers
Subject: Dinner at the Baseler Eck

Early this past August, Sheila and I went on a two week trip to Switzerland to visit friends. We flew initially from Florida to Frankfurt and spent two nights at the Intercontinental Hotel. My primary motivation for stopping off there was to give Sheila the opportunity to have dinner at the Baseler Eck and selfishly, relive some of the memories of layovers (not to mention getting some great food).

I had made prior arrangements with Tony and Sigi Moussalli to meet us at the Eck for dinner. I can report that nothing has changed there at the Eck, except Gerd, Gunther and Rosie are just a bit older, as are all of us. Everyone had a great dinner, except me, in that I had contracted a stomach bug the day before and couldn't really enjoy anything. Even the beer did not sit well with me. Sheila had the Schweinhoxe and reported it was excellent. The following morning we took the train to Zurich to meet our friends. The balance of the trip was fine, but the stomach bug stayed with me, which put somewhat of a damper on my situation. That's a whole other story which I am sure I will retell at the reunion in Portsmouth. Anyway, attached are several photos taken at the Eck showing Sheila, Sigi and Tony, Gerd, Gunther and Rosie. They all send their best to the Seaboard gang.

All the best to you also from Sheila and me.

Paul Cellecz

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