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Revised April 15, 2019

*2018 Reunion photos

57 photos of the reunion have been posted on three pages starting here. The photos were taken by Anita Bouvier, Mike Bradish, David Hill, Ken Kahn, and Ted Loubris.  October 28, 2018

2018 Reunion Documents

Printable reunion documents have been posted here. When you call the hotel to make reservations, be sure to mention SPAR. February 13, 2017

The SPAR History and Staff pages have been revised. Please send corrections. May 28, 2017

The SFO museum at the San Francisco International Airport is planning an exhibition, scheduled to run from November 2018 to May 2019, on the experiences of the air crews that flew charter flights for the military during the Vietnam war. They are requesting the loan of such objects as first-person accounts and personal experiences, photographs, etc. More details and contact information have been posted here. May 14, 2017

2017 Reunion photos

44 photos of the reunion have been posted on three pages starting here. The photos were taken by Anita Bouvier, Mike Bradish, Ken Kahn, Ted Loubris, Meredith Mitskog, and Adela Razzano. If additional photos are added, a notice will be posted in this section. June 24, 2017

2017 Reunion report

Once again, we had a great reunion. Although we had fewer attendees, 34 by my unofficial count, than in recent years, we all had a fine time. As soon as I receive the photos from our photographers and have processed them and added them to Web pages, I will notify the group.

Lou Furlong and Paul Cellecz are taking well-earned retirement from the management of SPAR and the organizing of reunions. Without their efforts and those of Ed Bouvier, we simply would not have had the last 8 reunions. I don't think it's possible to overstate the value of their contribution to us as a group and individually.

Thanks again to Lou and Kathy, Paul and Sheila, and Ed and Anita.

In the spirit of the same dedication to the SPAR group that they have demonstrated for the past 8 years, Dan Duffy has agreed to serve as SPAR president. He and Ed Bouvier will organize a reunion next year! May 27, 2017

2017 Reunion Documents

Documents for the 2017 SPAR reunion have been sent by e-mail and are posted here.   January 16, 2017

I recently received a photo showing an unidentified crewmember on Wake Island. Please notify me if you can identify him.   January 15, 2017

In album section, a photo of an early DC-4 crew has been added. Please let me know if you can identify any of the people.   January 10, 2017

Ten years after Capt. Ed Cardinali's last flight at FedEx, he and Rosie got together in Vermont with Dennis Quick & Christl Mathis. A photo has been posted in the Album section here, right after photos taken on the occasion of Ed's last flight. Ed is 70 today.  September 10, 2016

16 photos from the 2016 SPAR summer lunch in Connecticut have been posted in the Family Album section here.

2016 Reunion photos

52 photos of the 2016 SPAR reunion have been posted on three pages in the Album section.  May 13, 2016

In the Album section, 24 photos from the Celebration of Life Party for Capt. Nick Tramontano have been added. An additional photo has been added to his memorial page showing Nick with Pat Parlette and a group of World War II veterans whom he took for a ride in a DC‑3 on Sept. 14, 2013.  April 20, 2016

Printable documents for the 2016 reunion are available here.

* 2015 Reunion photos

53 photos of the reunion have been posted on three pages starting here. Another photo was added here on May 30.  May 30, 2015

The photos were taken by Reed Dilbeck, Lou Furlong, David Hill, Ken Kahn, Ted Loubris, Bill Rose, and Tina Wojciechowski.

Ted Loubris has purchased a wood carving of the vertical stabilizer of a Seaboard B-747. You can see a photo here. Making such items is a hobby of Bob, the craftsman. If you are interested in one, contact him for details and availability here.  June 7, 2015

Belated birthday wishes

Capt. Harry Donnell celebrated his 100th birthday on August 3rd, 2014 and John Willmott celebrated his 100th birthday on November 18th, 2014. A very belated happy birthday to Harry and John.

Capt. Chuck Clarke suffered a stroke on February 19th. He is now convalescing at the Providence Park Rehabilitation and Skilled Nursing facility in Tyler, TX.  March 16, 2015

Reported by Anne Clarke

2015 Reunion  July 12, 2014

The first notice about the 2015 joint reunion with Flying Tigers has been posted here.

The latest Flying Tigers newletter with the latest information about the 2015 joint reunion has been posted here.

   Information about ground transportation to and from the airport can be found here.

2014 SPAR Lunch in Danbury  August 15, 2014

Six additional photos of the 2014 SPAR lunch have now been added in the Album section here, courtesy of Anita Bouvier. The new photos are indicated by a blue asterisk.

Pat Parlette's ongoing adventures  August 1, 2014

In the Members' Activities section, three photos taken this year have been added showing that Pat is active and intrepid as ever. The photo and accompanying text can be seen here.

2014 SPAR Lunch in Danbury  July 30, 2014

Ten photos of the 2014 SPAR lunch have now been posted in the Album section here. All attendees appear in at least one photo.

*2014 Reunion photos  March 29, 2014

108 photos of the 2014 reunion have been posted. That is the largest number of photos for one reunion ever posted. Everyone who attended appears in at least one photo. They were taken by Anita Bouvier, Lou Furlong, David Hill, Ted Loubris, and me. The first of five pages of photos is here.

In 1962, Seaboard carried the world's first passenger car with a gas-turbine engine, the Rover T4. There is a video on youtube showing it being loaded on a Seaboard CL-44 at Heathrow.  

Reported by Capt. David Hill

The 2014 reunion was a great success, yet again thanks to the efforts of Lou and Kathy Furlong, Paul and Sheila Cellecz, and Ed and Anita Bouvier. The opportunity to visit with people who have been our friends for most of our lives is priceless. Although there were no organized activities other than dinners, many of us took advantage of some of the local attractions. It will be a few weeks until I have received, processed and posted the reunion photos. In the mean time, I have posted a few teasers here:  March 14, 2014

New Member

Rebecca Carroll, who attended the last four reunions as a guest, has joined SPAR. Her contact info is in the directory.  March 14, 2014

Capt. David Hill has acquired an unusual pair of cufflinks made using Seaboard & Western service pins. A photo of them has been posted in the Seaboard Memorabilia section here.  November 4, 2013

Capt. Lynn Rippelmeyer's extraordinary career as an airline pilot and her other activities are the subject of a page in the Members' Activities section here.  October 7, 2013

Lee Levenson's interesting life after early medical retirement is the subject of a page in the Members' Activities section here.  September 26, 2013

A new page listing Seaboard authors has been added. There is a link to it on the SPAR home page.

News from Sue John  August 16, 2014

Art has gotten his sailboat back in the water and went sailing with Sue. A photo has been posted in the Members' Activities section here.

Capt. Harry McCarthy continues to add to his remarkable list of places visited in his single-engine Turbo-prop Bonanza. He has now landed in 171 countries outside the U.S. in addition to 386 airports in the U.S. and its territories. These travels have taken 2313.3 hours of flight and he has experienced three engine failures and one dead-stick landing. A revised list has been posted listing in the Members' Activities section.

Guide for Photographers fixed  April 7, 2014

I recently discovered that the rollovers for five restoration examples at the bottom of the Guide for Photographers were not working when viewing the page with the Firefox browser. That problem has been fixed.

Some of the personnel from Detroit get together a few times a year . This photo shows Cargo Agents Tom Amross and Bill Thurston with Mike Bradish, Operations Supervisor; at a recent gathering. (Photo courtesy of Mike Bradish.)

Birthday wishes to John Willmott

Monday, November 18th, is John's 99th birthday. This photo was taken on his birthday. Best wishes to John.

In July 2013, Pat Parlette attended the 65th anniversary commemorating the beginning of the Berlin Airlift. One of the guest speakers was Col. Gail Halversen, an airlift pilot who used small parachutes to drop candy for the children. He was known as the Candy Bomber and also as the Raisin Bomber. Pat is seen in this photo with the Candy Bomber and a woman who works at the Airlift Memorial at Rhein Main Air Base, Frankfurt.

On September 14, 2013, Nick Tramontano flew a DC-3 for WWII veterans at their annual cookout at Westerly RI. He was accompanied by Pat Parlette. Nick reported, "As you can see, it was once again with the best cabin service."

Twenty-one Seaboard people got together for a nice lunch visit in Danbury CT on August 14, 2013. Fourteen photos taken by Anita Bouvier and Ken Kahn have been posted in the album section here.

Ed & Anita Bouvier visited Germany in July (2013) and attended the Seaboard lunch in Frankfurt. Twenty-one photos taken by Anita have been posted in the album section here

Seaboard Stories

I've just (July 18, 2013) received a box of SPAR newsletters from John Bilotta Jr. Some of them contain stories about Seaboard by crewmembers. The Stories section is here. I've also added information from the newsletters to several memorial pages. A list of revised memorial pages has been posted here.

Fourteen photos of the lunch in Frankfurt on July 13, 2013 have been posted in the album section here, courtesy of Heri Diehlman.

Pat Foley was in Roslyn NY on July 3, 2013 to pick up a 108-year-old boat and tow it to Maryland. I went up to see him and we had lunch. I took this photo with Pat's iPhone showing Pat and his crew; Dave, Lloyd, and Benjy, in front of the boat. As you can see, the hull has some serious holes that have to be patched before they take it out into the open ocean. A typical Pat Foley adventure.

Harry McCarthy continues to explore the flyways less-traveled. On June 30, 2013, he sent this photo of his airplane in Bhutan. Harry was previously stranded in Myanmar with a sheared starter/generator shaft.

Seaboard Stories

A new section, Seaboard Stories, has been added in the tradition of the long-gone SPAR newsletter. I am asking for entertaining stories from crew members about Seaboard experiences. I posted three of my own stories in the hope that they will trigger memories and inspire others to submit stories. Please read the guidelines at the bottom of the index page.

Lynn Rippelmeyer is one of only two female pilots who ever flew for Seaboard. She was the first female B-747 captain (at People Express) and then went to Continental in the merger. She combined flying with missionary work in Honduras which she describes in an interesting video of her on youtube.

Josephine Halsmer Mangus would like to get in touch with anyone who remembers Joe. Her contact information is in the directory under H.

After her career at Seaboard, F/A Mackenzie (Mary) Wadkins Green has had a very successful career as a bailbondswoman and bounty hunter. A TV drama will be made about her colorful career. You can read about it and see a video here.

Reported by Carol Everhart and Nancy Pennell

John Winkelman reports that a group of JFK maintenance people got together for breakfast in a diner on Long Island on April 26, 2013. His photo of the group has been posted here.

*2013 Reunion photos

Eighty-two photos of the 2013 reunion have been posted. They were taken by Anita Bouvier, Lou Furlong, Ted Loubris, Christl Mathis, Sue Whipple and me. The first of four pages of photos is here.

The 2013 reunion was a great success, thanks yet again to the efforts of Lou and Kathy Furlong, Ed and Anita Bouvier, and Paul and Sheila Cellecz. We all had a great time. My unofficial count of attendees is 65. You can see the list here.

I am awaiting photos from some of the many attendees who took photos. When they have been received, processed, and organized on Web pages, I'll notify the group.

Flying Dollar Airport

Andrea Cerar Battern is selling the beautiful Flying Dollar airport. You can download a brochure in Word format here or in Acrobat (pdf) format here.

*I recently noticed that some tables and some photo captions were not properly aligned when using browsers other than Internet Explorer; e.g. Google Chrome and Firefox. I have made many changes to fix the problems I found and many to comply with evolving standards for Web page code. I might have missed some existing problems and might have caused new problems. Please let me know if any Web pages do not display properly on standard computer monitors. I have not provided for viewing this Web site on small screens such as on smartphones.

*The Memorabilia section has been reorganized and expanded. As of Jan. 31, 2013, forty-two new items have been added, all provided by our historian and archivist, Capt. David Hill. The first page with new items is here. The last item added was the blue Connie ashtray.

I received a photo today (Jan. 9, 2013) from our most-intrepid traveler, Capt. Harry McCarthy. You can see his turbo-prop Bonanza in the foreground and the name on the terminal building.


Happy birthday to John Willmott. Today is his 98th birthday.

2012 Lunch in Connecticut

Eleven photos taken at the lunch in Danbury have been posted in the Album section here.

*2012 Reunion Photos

Ninety-nine photos taken at the reunion have been posted in the Album section here. Four photos were added on May 28 and May 29 near the bottom of page 5.

2012 Reunion

Once again, the SPAR reunion was a great success due to the efforts of our officers Lou Furlong, Paul Cellecz, and Ed Bouvier; and the under appreciated efforts of their wives, Cathy, Sheila and Anita. Even with a few last-minute cancellations and no-shows, my final count is 96, a great turnout. The list has been posted here. Please let me know if I have omitted anyone. I apologize if I have done so. Any error is entirely mine. At the banquet, we enjoyed a presentation by the guest speaker, Dr. F. Robert van der Linden, chairman of the Aeronautics Division and curator of air transportation and special purpose aircraft at the National Air and Space Museum.

A list of the locations of SPAR reunions has been posted here, courtesy of Pam Snyder. We do not remember the locations of three of the reunions in the 1990's. Please let me know if you do.

Pat Rothacker has published a second book. This one is about her liver transplant. She is donating the proceeds to provide a scholarship for a girl from the South Bronx to attend school. You can see both books on Pat's page in the Members' Activities section here.

Crew Seniority Lists

The crew lists were originally created by Andrea Battern and Capt. David O. Hill who assembled them from those contracts and periodically-issued seniority lists available to them. Since then, additional names have been added from additional seniority lists that have become available and as they become known through examination of online crew manifests. The dates for those individuals are listed in blue, indicating that the actual date of hire is unknown. The blue date is that of the earliest manifest found as yet listing that person as a Seaboard crewmember.

Finding these individuals is an extremely tedious process and will proceed slowly. Approximately 50 have been added to the pilots, navigators, flight attendants, and radio operators seniority lists to date. If you have any information to contribute, please let me know.

Welcome to new SPAR member Ken Chapman. His contact info is in the directory.

*2012 reunion announcement from President Lou Furlong

Dear Seaboard Family;

As we fast approach our Washington D.C. 2012 SPAR Reunion, I have a special announcement to make:

Thru the efforts of our SPAR Historian, Capt David O. Hill, we will be having a distinguished guest speaker at our Tues. evening banquet. Dr. F. Robert van der Linden, Chairman of the Aeronautics Division of the Smithsonian Institution's National Air and Space Museum, will give a Power Point presentation centered on our period of commercial aviation.

You can read more about Dr. van der Linden here.

Thank you David!

See you all in less than two months!

Your SPAR Officers,

Printable copies of the reunion documents have been posted here.

A list of the DC-8 aircraft operated by Seaboard and their disposition is posted on the Web here.

Reported by Capt. Lou Furlong

In the Members' Activities section, a revised list has been posted listing 161 countries and 3 U.S. territories visited by Capt. Harry McCarthy in his Turbo-prop Bonanza.

Carol Everhart has made a nice video from photos taken at the 2010 Flight Attendants Reunion at the El Rancho. The video has been added to the album section here.

Frankfurt photos

On August 12, 2011, there was a Seaboard lunch in Frankfurt. In addition to people who worked for Seaboard in Germany, it was attended by Ed & Anita Bouvier, Paul & Sheila Cellecz, and Pat Parlette. The American attendees also visited the Baseler Eck. Twenty-eight photos, taken by Ed and Anita Bouvier, have been posted in the album section here.

Thirty people attended the SPAR lunch in Danbury on July 13, the best turnout of the ones I attended (last four). Once again, thanks to Capt. Nick Tramontano who arranged it all. Eighteen photos, showing all attendees except me, have been posted here. Additional photos will be added if I receive some good ones that are not redundant. If additional ones are posted, there will be a notice posted in this section.

In the Members' Activities section, a page has been added about Capt. Harry McCarthy's remarkable travels in his Turbo-prop Bonanza. There are six photos and a link to a video about these airplanes and their amazing performance.

Welcome to new SPAR member Charles "Skip" Ellis. He started at Seaboard in 1969 and was promoted to Operations Manager in Boston in 1970. He was later assigned to start operations for Seaboard in San Francisco. His contact info is in the directory.

Thanks to Capt. Nick Tramontano, there will be a Seaboard lunch again in Connecticut on Wednesday, July 13, at 12 noon. If you did not get an e-mail message from me and want the details, contact me. If you plan to attend, please let me or Nick know. If you have any questions, please send them to Nick.

Two photos of the German announcement of the reunion meeting in August in Frankfurt have been posted here and here, courtesy of Helga Traeger.

Welcome to new SPAR member Rick Heaney. He was an instructor from 1969 to 1974 and Manager of Maintenance Training from 1974-1980. His contact info is in the directory.

Cell-phone numbers

If you have a cell-phone plan that includes free plan-to-plan calls, you can have that fact so indicated in the directory; e.g. ATT, VER, SPR, etc.

Suggested by Capt. Tom Reinke

Memorial service for Joan Willmott

There will be a memorial service for Joan Willmott at 10:00 a.m. on Saturday, Sept. 22 at the Pavilion of the Four Arts Gardens in Palm Beach. There are directions on the Gardens' Web site here.

In October 2009, Pat Parlette, our ever-intrepid traveler, visited Vietnam. A photo of her in the tunnels at Cu Chi has been posted in the Members' Activities section here.

Welcome to new SPAR member Janet (Ireland) Manning. Her contact info is in the directory.

Welcome to new SPAR member Carol Everhart. Her contact info is in the directory.

Photos from the 2010 Flight Attendants Reunion at the El Rancho

*Carol Everhart took some Flip videos at the reunion. Links to two of them have been posted here. If links to other videos are received, they will be posted on the same page.

Thirty-six photos have now been posted in the Album section here. We all owe thanks to Barbara Morton Bungay, Gail Schoeder Dunn, Suzi Kuhlman McKinney, Bonnie Feustal Sprague, and Vicki Oswald Thornton who took the very nice photos and sent them to me. Also, special thanks to Julie Johns Kane who urged the ladies to send the photos. Of the forty-three attendees, forty are now seen in the photos. Morton Bungay, shows Margaret Van Haitsma Hill. If any of the attendees took a good photo of Kathy Sheean Cavell, Mackenzie Green, or Sandy McQuillin, please send it to me.

The latest photos are one showing nice glasses made for the reunion by Bonnie Feustal Sprague here and a photo of Trudy Weigand Frank and Roz Grashaw here.

Welcome to new SPAR members, all former flight attendants.

Sarah Uzzell-Rindlaub
Gail Schoeder Dunn
Judith Ann Lonergan
Karla Miller Angle
Mieke Overing Chalmers

Their contact info is in the directory.

2011 Reunion photos

Eighty reunion photos have been posted in the Album section, spread out over 6 pages starting here. Thanks to photographers Lou & Kathy Furlong, Jim & Sibyl Haynes, David Hill, Larry Irving, Pat Mooney, Christine Treger, Joan Volkman (and me), we have at least one photo showing each of the 71 attendees.

The reunion was a smashing success. It is impossible to overstate the debt we owe to Lou & Kathy Furlong, Paul & Sheila Cellecz, and Ed & Anita Bouvier. Without their extraordinary efforts on our behalf, we simply would not have had a reunion at all; let alone one that many people have said was the best yet. The same was true last year and the year before that. A list of the 71 people who attended is posted here.   The number would have been higher but for several last-minute cancellations and no-shows. An e-mail message will be sent to members when the photos are posted.

2011 SPAR Reunion

Documents for the 2011 SPAR reunion will be mailed within a week or so. days. Printable copies have also been sent to the members by e-mail. You will not have to print them unless you do not receive the printed version in the mail within a couple of weeks. Be sure to register early to receive the SPAR hotel rate. We will send out occasional reminders by e-mail only.

Welcome to new SPAR member Capt. John Campbell. His contact info is in the directory.

Former SWA flight attendant Mackenzie (Mary) Green is a California bounty hunter. She has received a lot of publicity and was featured in a 2003 article in The New Yorker magazine. She also appears in some YouTube videos.

Reported by Julie Johns Kane

Final detail about the Flight Attendants reunion have been posted here.

In the Members' Activities section, a page has been added about Capt. Harry McCarthy's remarkable travels in his Turbo-prop Bonanza. A link to a photo of the airplane on has been added.

The Seaboard video is available on DVD. There is also a link to the ordering information on the home page. For SPAR members, there might still be some available at a special price from Capt. Lou Furlong. Contact him for details.

Welcome to new SPAR members, all former flight attendants.
(newest on top)

Kathy Sheean-Cavell
Glenice Parkinson
Margaret Nelson Hannuksela
Colette Gelinas Clowes
Helen Brown Kessing
Suzi McKinney (Donna Kuhlman)
Sandi Murtishaw
Signe Olausen

Their contact info is in the directory. Thanks to Julie Johns Kane for her recruiting efforts.

DC-4 operation

I have been asked two questions by someone writing a book about the DC-4:

1. Is the date of the last S&W C-54 operation known? The history indicates that it was in 1960, and the last three aircraft were sold in 1961, but the date, aircraft, and purpose of that flight would help round out the history of the DC-4's 13-year service with Seaboard.

2. From March to June 1952, Seaboard operated services in the Far East for Civil Air Transport of Taiwan - I think it was normally referred to as Formosa at that time. Is any more known about this operation - routes, aircraft, exact dates?

Please send me anything you remember.

A question has been asked whether any Seaboard aircraft were hit by ground fire during the Vietnam war. Please let me know if you have any first-hand information about such an incident.

Former F/A Diana Bonito Barrett has been suffering from Alzheimer's disease for several years. On Sept. 11th, her husband Paul will be participating in his 6th walk to raise funds for research. Last year, his group, DiDi's Walkers, raised almost $9,000 for the cause and the San Francisco walk raised about $1.1 million. Anyone wanting to make a donation to the Alzheimer's Association can do so at

Click on Join Memory Walk
Scroll down to Choose a Walk
Click on San Francisco
Now at the top of the page there are three choices: Sign Up, Donate and Event Info
If planning to walk with us, choose Sign Up. It will lead you through the steps, including donating. If not walking, choose Donate and it will lead you through the steps for that.
Under Sign Up: enter the team name DiDi's Walkers, click Search
Under Donate: participant's name - you can use Paul Barrett's name or mine Kathy Cavell (Sheean) or someone else who has already signed up with us. Click on name, fill in box and continue.

Thelma Regala Jesson has now posted 109 photos of Diana, many with other Seaboard crew members, at

Numbers 72 - 99 were taken at the 1987 F/A's reunion at the El Rancho.

Reported by Julie Johns Kane

Breakfast in Islip

A group of line maintenance mechanics got together for breakfast at the O-Co-Nee diner in Islip NY on June 18, 2010. A photo has been added to the album section here, courtesy of John Winkelman.

Lunch in Danbury

Thanks again to the efforts of Capt. Nick Tramontano, 24 of us got together for lunch in Danbury CT on July 14. Thirteen photos have been posted in the album section here.

Belated birthday congratulations to Capt. Joe Kane. Joe was 90 on 6/1/2010.

Five photos taken at the reunion by Anita & Ed Bouvier have been added to the bottom of the third page here. There are now 57 reunion photos posted.

A photo of Vince Sproul, now 94 years old, taken on St. Patrick's Day by his daughter Shelley Ide, can be seen here.

2011 SPAR Reunion

Capt. Lou Furlong has published an on-line survey form for the 2011 SPAR reunion. If you did not receive an e-mail message from me about it, let me know. Please do the survey right away, as we need to pick a site soon. We may follow this with another survey if needed.

Five photos taken at the reunion banquet by Bob Gibson have been added to the top of the fourth page here. There are now 52 reunion photos posted.

President's Message

A new message from President Lou Furlong has been posted here. In addition a link has been added to the SPAR home page that provides access to all of his previous messages.

*Reunion photos

47 photos of the 2010 reunion have been posted on 4 pages. They show 55 of the 56 attendees. Only Mary Mangas is not shown. I had planned to take her picture at the banquet but she was not able to attend. If anyone has a nice picture of her taken at the reunion, please send it to me. I will also add other nice reunion photos of attendees if I receive them. The photographers were Bill Rose, Don de Lambert, Lou Furlong. Ted Loubris, Dennis Quick, and me.

The first page of photos is here.

The Web site has been reorganized. An explanation for the reorganization can he read here. Given that both sites contain a total of approximately 2,700 files, it is extremely likely that I failed to move every file that needed to be moved and changed every link that needed to be changed. Please let me know if you find broken links or other errors.

2010 Reunion - Brief Report

Once again, thanks to the efforts of Lou & Kathy Furlong, Paul & Sheila Cellecz, and Ed & Anita Bouvier; the 2010 reunion was a success and a great time was had by all. Unfortunately there were only 56 attendees (by my count). There was no outside speaker but two reports were presented dealing with the preservation of Seaboard's legacy, a project David Hill and I have been working on for about 11 years. David could not be there so his report was presented by Lou. I followed with my report. Both reports can be accessed here. A list of attendees can be seen here. I urge everyone, including those of you at the reunion, to read both reports carefully. Jeannie Snidow also made a presentation about the Marble Mountain incident. She was on the flight.

In the days ahead, I will be working on the reunion photos and will notify everyone when they are posted.

In July, 1969, a Seaboard DC-8 destined for Danang, Vietnam mistakenly landed at Marble Mountain. There is a video about the incident on YouTube at

Reported by Capt. Tom Reinke

New SPAR member

Stuart Baumgardner started at S&W as a cleaner in 1955, became a mechanic, and retired from FedEx in 2007, 52 years later.

Welcome Stuart.

CL-44 Association

From Ed Ferner:  I don't know how many SPAR members are aware of it, but there is a CL-44 organization consisting of flight crew members, maintenance, support people who were in some way involved with the Canadair CL-44. Their Web site is

If anyone in SPAR would like to join that organization, they should send $20 in cash to:

Marvin Beier
1900 Peachtree Avenue
The Villages, FL 32162

I have been a member of their group for about two years and have enjoyed reading their newsletters about the 44.

In August 2009, during one of their trips in their Super Cub, Lou & Kathy Furlong stopped on Long Island to visit Bob Snowden who founded SPAR 36 years ago. Eleven photos they took during their visit have been posted in the Members' Activities section here.

Three photos taken by Kathy & Lou Furlong have been added to the 10 previously posted for the lunch in Danbury CT on Aug. 12, 2009. They can be seen in the album section here.

Seaboard reunion at JFK, Nov. 14 and Nov. 15, 2009

Frank Otto reports that he and some of his fellow ground service employees have organized a Seaboard reunion at JFK for Nov. 14 and Nov. 15, 2009. Details at r09jfk/r09jfk-0.htm. For questions please contact Frank and not this Web site. All the information I have is posted in Frank's message.

20 SPAR members got together for lunch in Danbury CT on Aug. 12, 2009. Ten photos have been posted so far in the album section here.

Other attendees also took photos. They will be added when they are received and a notice will be posted on this page. Some of the attendees have not been seen at the annual SPAR reunions.

A memorial service for Ed Mitchell, who died July 15, 2009, will be held at 11 a.m. July 25, 2009 at the Community Presbyterian Church in Englewood (Florida).

Reported by Sandy Mitchell

I spoke to Ray Dorman today (7/15/09). He told me that his son Ronald, who died in 2008, was married for 37 years to Kathy Jenkins Dorman, the daughter of our Bob Jenkins. I've added Ray's e-mail address to directory. I'm sure he would enjoy hearing from some of his old friends.

Thanks to the magnificent work done by the SPAR officers and their wives, the 2009 reunion was a great success. Capt. Lou Furlong and Capt. Paul Cellecz made it an occasion unsurpassed by any before. By my (corrected) count, 100 people attended at least part of the reunion. The list is here. Lou surprised us all by giving us DVD's of the Seaboard video, "A Crew Members Album", originally published as a VHS tape. Copies are also available to SPAR members who did not attend. Additional details will be provided shortly.

The best surprise of all is that Lou has agreed to organize next year's reunion. Details will be provided when I get them.

Many attendees took photos and promised to send them to me. I hope to start posting them in the next few weeks.

Last October, Captain David O. Hill, the Seaboard historian, provided a comprehensive status report about his ongoing efforts to preserve Seaboard's legacy. A link to his report has been added to the home page. You can read his report here.

New SPAR members

Barabara Morton Bungay, husband John. Barb was a flight attendant. Welcome Barb and John.

Larry Irving was an aircraft inspector. Welcome Larry.

Marge Snowden, wife of Capt. Bob Snowden, died on March 1, one month short of their 71st anniversary. The funeral was held on the following Sunday. For those wishing to send condolences, Bob's contact information is in the directory.

Seniority lists have been added for Maintenance and Stores at JFK. Unlike the crew lists, they only show the employees as of July 20, 1979. If anyone has lists for other dates that show additional employees, please send me copies and I will add the additional names. Lists courtesy of John Winkelman

It was previously reported that Seaboard once owned a Douglas Banshee/Dauntless, still flying with the Commemorative Air Force. It now appears that Seaboard owned a different Banshee, N9449H.

N1005C, one of Seaboard's Connies, has been undergoing restoration as a C-121 at the Air Mobility Command Museum at Dover AFB, Dover, DE. John Winkelman visited it in March 2008 and his photos and report have been added to the aircraft section here.

President's Message

A Christmas message from President Lou Furlong has been posted here.

On May 5, 2009, Pat Parlette, continuing her long service to the Darien Community Association Thrift Shop, modeled in a fashion show.

In October 2009, Pat Parlette visited Jordan and Egypt. Two photos have been posted in the Members' Activities section here and here.


Happy birthday to John Willmott. Today is his 95th birthday. John, whatever you are doing, don't change a thing.

Seaboard reunion at JFK, Nov. 14 and Nov. 15, 2009

Updated information as of Oct. 25 at r09jfk/r09jfk-0.htm. Also new document. For questions please contact Frank and not this Web site. All the information I have is posted in Frank's message.

Framed photo of B747 cockpit available

Capt. Bob Mangas has a framed photo of B747 cockpit that he would like to dispose of. It is approximately 2' x 2' 3". If anyone is interested, please contact him and he will bring it to the reunion.

Bad e-mail addresses

If your name is on this list, please send us your current e-mail address so that we can keep you informed of matters of interest to Seaboarders.

Maureen Amberg, Gisela Beckerman, Stan Chandler, Dom Ciorciari, Carolyn DeRier, Chuck Frost, Bill Neuenhaus, Gino Pagley, Glenice Parkinson, Teresa Sharp, Bonnie Sprague, Jim Thomas, Vicki Thornton

On Nov. 10, 2008, Pat Parlette was presented with the Darien Old Timers' Athletic Association Commumity Civic Award for 2008 for "exceptional service to others in the finest American tradition." The plaque can be seen here. Two additional photos of Pat have been added to her page in the Members' Activities section here.

Welcome to Patrick Mooney who has joined SPAR. He worked in London. His contact info is in the directory.

Reported by Capt. Paul Cellecz

Welcome to Bob Benito who has joined SPAR. He worked in operations at Seaboard and as a loadmaster at Tigers. He retired in Feb. 2000 after a total of 35 years with Seaboard and Tigers. His contact info is in the directory.

Reported by Capt. Paul Cellecz

Dec. 25, 2008

Happy birthday to Capt. Bob Snowden. Today is his 95th birthday!

A couple of crewmembers would like to hear from any of the Seaboard people. John Locke had some heart trouble last year, but is well enough to get around.

Nick Pohronezny had a bad fall and has to use a walker now. He doesn't get out much.

Their contact information is in the directory.

Reported by Bob Prichard


Happy birthday to John Willmott. Today is his 94th birthday.

Captain David O. Hill, the Seaboard historian, has prepared a comprehensive status report about his ongoing efforts to preserve Seaboard's legacy. You can read his report here.

Thanks to the efforts of Capt. Nick Tramontano, 13 SPAR members got together for lunch in Danbury CT on Oct 16, 2008. Ten photos have been posted in the album section here.

Oct. 9, 2008

Happy birthday to Dick Simmons. Today is his 91st birthday.

Ed Bouvier suffered a heart attack. He had a stent installed and is doing fine.  Reported by Capt. Paul Cellecz

Welcome to Ray Molho who has joined SPAR. His contact info is in the directory.

Capt. Lou Furlong has updated his videos and picture albums from various fly outs over the past few years.

The main page is here.

A link to the main page has been added to the Members' Activities section.

Elisabeth Halsmer, 3rd-generation airline pilot

The July/August issue of Airliners has an article about Joe Halsmer's granddaughter Elisabeth. She is a B-727 first officer at Amerijet. Her father and several of her aunts and uncles are airline pilots. There is a photo of Elisabeth here.

In June, 2008, Capt. Lou Furlong took a trip in his airplane through the back country of Idaho and Montana. He has posted 51 minutes of great video of the trip on his Web site at

You can see his main gallery at

In May and June, 2008, Capt. David Hill took a 6-week trip to explore Canada's boreal forest. He slept in his Chevy Suburban for all but three of the nights. His account and photos, including some very nice ones of birds, have been posted in the Members' Activities section here.

Aer Lingus magazine

The April/May 2008 issue of Cara, the Aer Lingus in-flight magazine, has an article commemorating the 50th anniversary of Seaboard's first flight for Aer Lingus. Some of the information in the article was provided to the author by Capt. Bill Eastwood. The article has a photo showing the entire crew. I requested permission from the publisher to use the photo on the SPAR Web site, but there has been no response. I have, however, added to the information on the Aer Lingus page.

Lou & Kathy Furlong's 12-day trip to Ireland.

Click here for Lou's report and two photos.

I have posted a short guide for photographers who generously contribute photos to the web site. I would particularly like to get photos of Seaboard people who died and are not presently shown in the Memorial section.

President's Message

A message from President Lou Furlong has been posted here.

Staff change

Capt. Paul Cellecz has graciously agreed to continue serving as treasurer. We all owe him a debt of gratitude.

In the insignia section, there was a very small, poor-quality photo of the medical caduceus worn from 1950 to 1961 on the sleeves just above the cuffs of flight attendants who were registered nurses. It has been replaced by larger, much better photo, courtesy of Pat Parlette.

The memorial service for Capt. Dudley Boleware will be held on Saturday, August 16th at 11am.

West Craig Road Baptist Church
7880 W. Craig Rd.
Las Vegas, NV 89129

As stated previously, in lieu of flowers, the family has requested a donation in Dudley's name to the following organizations:

Nathan Adelson Hospice
3391 N. Buffalo
Las Vegas, NV 89129

Nevada Cancer Institute
10000 W. Charleston, Suite 260
Las Vegas, NV 89129
Reported by Peter Okicich (Flying Tigers)

Capt. Tom Reinke and Korean Airlines 007 (KAL 007)

A letter from Capt. Tom Reinke re KAL 007 has been posted in the Members' Activities section here.

New SPAR members

Tim Gurney, one of the last pilots hired by Seaboard, has joined SPAR. His wife Melody was a Seaboard flight attendant. Welcome Melody and Tim.

Hank Pezzetti, who worked on the ground from 1969 to 1976, has joined SPAR. Welcome Hank.

Request for anecdotes

Joe Pickerel's daughter Barbara has requested anecdotes about Joe for a memoir for her brother and sister. If you send them to me, I'll pass them on. I don't want to post her e-mail address here and expose her to spam.

Capt. Paul Cellecz has agreed to continue serving as treasurer for a few months until an orderly transition can be made. He will remain the contact for any checks, etc., until further notice.

2008 SPAR Reunion

The 2008 reunion in Pensacola Florida, March 16 - March 18, was a great success. Once again, we would not have had a reunion at all if it had not been for the efforts, above and beyond the call of duty, of Capt. Paul Cellecz and Sheila, Capt. Paul Jordan and Patricia, and Capt. Ed Bouvier and Anita. Paul C. and Paul J. are stepping down. When no one volunteered to take their places, and we were faced with the prospect of the end of SPAR and no further reunions, Capt. Lou Furlong stepped up and offered to assume the positions of both president and treasurer of SPAR. I hope everyone who can lend him a hand will do so.

101 people attended the reunion. There were many old friends not seen for years or decades. At least 6 airplanes arrived for the reunion, including those belonging to Don Blackburn, Paul Cellecz, Lou Furlong, Al Kressel, Gerry Lehman, and Harry McCarthy. Dianne and Dick Moore might also have come by plane. They have both owned airplanes. The highlight of the reunion for us boys who love airplanes was probably the visit to the National Museum of Naval Aviation, with its fantastic collection of immaculately-restored airplanes. Several of us took the opportunity to fly the four genuine F-14 simulators at the museum. It was a great fun, and some of our "Top Guns" emerged sweating. It was clear to me however, that the simulators, available to the public, had been made easier to fly. After all, I landed on the carrier a few times and didn't crash once. We had a briefing of two or three minutes; and after only 10 minutes of flying and landing at airports, we headed for the boat. A few of our four-stripers were reluctant to acknowledge that ego-deflating fact, particularly after having heard the voice of the cute simulator operator saying through the headset, "Nice trap, zero one." Yeah right. This fact was confirmed to me by Hill Goodspeed, curator of the museum and our guest speaker. Get over it, boys.

Now I'll start to sort and select reunion photos. I'll have (at least) hundreds to look through from several photographers. Then I'll process the ones I select and create web pages for them. I'll post them as I process them and I'll notify the membership by e-mail when they are all up. I hope to have at least one photo showing everyone who attended.

New SPAR member

Lynn Johnston, a flight attendant hired in 1967, has joined SPAR. Welcome Lynn.

Seaboard's Women Pilots

Every year, Aviation Week & Space Technology presents laureate awards "to recognize the extraordinary accomplishments of individuals and teams in aviation, aerospace and defense." One of the two 2008 electronics laureates is Capt. Karen Lee, nee Davies, one of only two women pilots hired by Seaboard. She is Director of Flight Operations for UPS. The award states that she and another UPS employee "worked more than a decade pioneering the use of Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) at their company."

Capt. Lynn Rippelmeyer now flies the Boeing 737 for Continental.

There is a photo showing them both in ground school in 1980 here.

Billy Rees

Former navigator Billy Rees has published a book, The Sun Does Not Rise in the East, about his life and career. Whatever he was doing, he seemed to have a lot of fun.

February birthdays  
Joe Szaflarski 91 on Feb. 3
Vince Sproul 92 on Feb. 20

In 1941, John Willmott ferried aircraft to Africa for Atlantic Airways Ltd. After Pearl Harbor, it became Pan American Air Ferries, and John continued to ferry a variety of aircraft to far-away places. There is a web page with his story about that flying at


N701SW is now flying for a Spanish airfreight company with an eye-catching paint job.

Sadly, there is news that N702SW will shortly be cut up for scrap.

Charter flight for Life magazine in 1965 in connection with Winston Churchill's funeral.

I received the following e-mail message from Jeffrey Robinson on Jan. 30, 2008:

"I'm an author doing some research into Winston Churchill's funeral in late January 1965, for which Life Magazine chartered a Seaboard DC-8. The flight went from New York to London and, after two hours on the ground, flew to Chicago. I'm looking for any crew members who might have worked that flight. I was hoping that you, or perhaps other members of SPAR, might have some of that information. I would be very grateful for your help."

If anyone was on the flight or has information about it, please send it to me and I'll forward it to Mr. Robinson. They built a darkroom on the plane and developed the photos on the flight back to Chicago so they could meet Life's deadline.

Best wishes to Capt. Bob Snowden, founder of SPAR, who celebrated his 94th birthday on Christmas day, 2007.


Happy birthday to John Willmott. Today is his 93rd birthday.

SPAR welcomes two new members. John Shields was hired as a pilot in 1969. He subsequently returned to Flying Tigers, from which he had been furloughed. Barbara Dana is the daughter of navigator Ray Stroup.

In the Members' Activities section, a photo has been added to John Willmott's section showing the house he and Joan recently built. The link to the photo is at the bottom of this page.

Reunion in Frankfurt, Aug. 24, 2007

On Aug. 24, 2007, approximately 31 people met at a restaurant in Frankfurt. Information, courtesy of Tony Moussalli, and 17 photos, courtesy of Karl Norbert Müeller, have been posted in the album section here.

In the Members' Activities section, a page has been added about Pat Powers Rothacker's interesting careers, including flying as a flight-attendant on aircraft ranging from the DC-3 at Capital Airlines to the DC-8 at Seaboard.

In the Members' Activities section, several pages and photos have been added about the colorful life of John Willmott. One of John's amazing accomplishments was serving in three branches of service. Be sure to click on all the links in the text.

Seaboard documents at the National Air and Space Museum

Seaboard documents donated to the National Air and Space Museum in Washington, DC, by Capt. David O. Hill, the SPAR historian, are listed as part of the museum's archives. They are available to researchers and are listed here. David also supplied the historical notes on the museum's web page.

Douglas Dauntless

Seaboard owned an A-24B/SBD-5 Douglas Dauntless from 1947 to at least 1949. Believe it or not, the airplane, which is now owned by a museum in Texas, is still flyable! If anyone has a photo of this airplane when Seaboard owned it, or any information about its use by Seaboard, please send it to me and I will post it one the web site.

Click here to see it as it looks today:

The Flying Tiger web site now has an "Outlet Store" currently offering such items as tee shirts with Tiger logos, drinking glasses with Tiger logos, and books by crewmembers. The store is here.

SPAR in the Bronx

On May 29, 2007, 14 SPAR members met at restaurant in the Bronx. Five photos, courtesy of Steve Jeffries, have been posted here.

91 photos showing all of the 114 people who attended the banquet have been posted on 6 pages in the album section starting here. The photos were taken by Pinky Clark, George Conway, Ted Loubris, Christl Mathis, and me.

A section for Seaboard Memorabilia has been created. It will show photos of various items that Seaboard had made for promotional purposes. There are presently thirteen items shown. More will eventually be added as photos of them are received.

2007 Reunion

Thanks to the efforts of Capt. Ed Bouvier and Anita, Capt. Paul Cellecz and Sheila, and Capt. Paul Jordan and Patricia; the 2007 reunion was a great success. More than one hundred people attended. We enjoyed the bus tour, the harbor cruise, and the banquet dinner; but mostly we enjoyed each other's company. In some cases we were reunited with friends and colleagues we hadn't seen in twenty-seven years; such as Capt. Joe Kane, who was brought by his charming daughter Patti. Many attendees brought cameras, and many hundreds of photos were taken.

Note: Some people have thanked me, the webmaster, for contributing to the reunion. Some were so gracious as to send thank you notes. For the record, I did nothing to facilitate the reunion. For me, it is the company of such classy people that makes the reunions so wonderful.

In the Members' Activities section, a page has been added about Capt. Paul Jordan's Prize-Winning Tiger Moth.

Insignia worn by flight attendants have been added to the new section showing cockpit crew uniform insignia. Also added were uniform sleeve insignia worn by crewmembers from 1947 to 1961. The high quality of the photos and research, courtesy of Capt. David O. Hill, is probably unmatched on any other airline web site.

SPAR Archive

In February, 2007, Capt. Paul Cellecz visited Capt. Joe Szaflarski and retrieved a large collection of photos and other items that had been entrusted to Joe when he was the SPAR Historian.

We are grateful to Joe's daughter, Jane Bowley, who was very helpful in this effort. She can be seen on the right in this photo with Sheila Cellecz and Joe.

The photos retrieved were on display at the 2007 reunion. I will be looking through them for suitable ones to scan and add to the web site. After I have done so, they will be turned over to the current SPAR Historian and Archivist, Capt. David O. Hill.

As photos are added, notices will be posted in the Memory Lane section of this page.

Short Story

Seaboard figures in a fictitious account about the interaction between a transoceanic aircraft and an Ocean Station vessel. It is based on an actual patrol made by the author Joe Thompson in the spring of 1966. The story includes nice images. You can read it here.

Becoming Heart Attack Proof

I received a letter from Capt. Steve Albers about preventing heart attacks. It includes a link to a video by Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr. He has served as President of the Staff at the Cleveland Clinic, and as President of the American Association of Endocrine Surgeons. To read the rest of his extraordinary resume, click here. The video, which contains a photo of a Seaboard DC-8, can be viewed here. To read Steve's letter, click here. If you don't think you are interested, consider this statement from Steve:

"Today I have a resting pulse rate of 42, blood pressure of 98/64, cholesterol of 124 and an physiological age of 39 according to tests done at the National Institute of fitness and Sports in Indianapolis."

Capt. David O. Hill has sent me hundred of photos he has collected over the past ten years in his capacity as the SPAR Historian and Archivist. Many of them will appear on the web site in the coming weeks in the new archive section.

Thanks to information and seniority lists furnished by Mike Wojciechowski, many corrections and additions have been made to the navigators and flight engineers seniority lists. They are still incomplete. In many cases, the dates of hire are missing. If anyone has seniority lists or other information that can be added, please send it to me.

In November 2006, Pat Parlette traveled to Frankfurt and visited the Baseler Eck. Four photos of her visit have been added to the Members's Activities section here.

Capt. Bill Eastwood has given me a wonderful 1951 approach plate for a range approach to runway 4R at Idlewild (JFK). I think all pilots will find it interesting. It has been added to the album section.

In the aircraft section, a photo of the interior of a DC-8-63CF in passenger configuration has been added, courtesy of Andrea Battern.

In the aircraft section, a photo of the interior of a B-747 being loaded with 8' x 8' x 20' containers has been added.

On July 3, 1950, only eight days after the start of the Korean War, a Seaboard DC-4, under the command of Capt. Bob Warner took off on the first airline flight in support of the war effort. Time Magazine's account of that story can be seen at the bottom of this page and continues on the next page.

In the Members' Activities section, a page has been added about George Jacoban's homebuilt and sailplane activities. Three more photos were added to this page on Dec. 17, 2006.

Bob Schipper has undergone surgery for an aortic aneurysm and is doing well. Bob expects to go home from the hospital on 12/02 or 12/03. His wife Sandy said she knows Bob would like to hear from his friends from Seaboard. His address and phone number are in the directory.  Reported by Capt. Bill Eastwood

In the Members' Activities section, a page has been added about Pat Parlette's careers and other activities.

In the Members' Activities section, a page has been added about Diana Morgan and the Hiller Aviation Museum.

In the aircraft section, the photo of the DC-8-63CF has been replaced by an improved, larger version.

A photo of Seaboard's first Connie has been added to the aircraft section.

In the aircraft section, the photo of the CL-44 has been replaced by a better, larger one.

In the aircraft section, the photo of the B-707 has been replaced by a better, larger one.

A photo of Seaboard's first aircraft has been posted in the aircraft section. It shows the first Seaboard paint scheme.

A photo showing a DC-4 with 5 cockpit crewmembers has been posted in the archive section.*

In the aircraft section, the photo of the C-46 has been replaced by an improved, larger version.

A photo showing a DC-4 refueling in Gander has been posted in the aircraft section.

A photo showing Seaboard's first  DC-8-55F,  N801SW, has been posted in the aircraft section.

In the album section, 2 photos of 15 people from Frankfurt Maintenance have been added, courtesy of Heribert Diehlmann. There are many familiar faces.

In the memorial section, a page has been added for Pete Deschenes.

Memorial tributes contributed by members are a relatively recent addition. There are only a few so far. Members are invited to contribute additional tributes for our departed colleagues and friends.

I have added a memorial tribute for Capt. Bob Henry.

I have added a memorial tribute for Capt. Fred Snyder.

We recently learned that Karen Solbakken died on July 31, 1999. She was 55. A memorial Page been added for her.

The Seaboard History page has been revised. A different photo has been added, and several links have been added to material elsewhere on the web site.


For some reason, the web host stopped processing my password system. I changed it to use the web host's password system. It will prompt you for a user name and password. If you did not get my e-mail message with this information, contact me and I will give you the necessary details.

The Seaboard history page has links to five new pages. The photos on the new pages were all in the Seaboard video, but they have been added here for outside visitors to the web site. They can be seen  here (1)here (2)here (3)here (4),  and here (5).

In the album section, 3 photos of Capt. Ed Cardinali's retirement have been added, courtesy of Christl Mathis.

Paul Stark

Some of you may remember Paul Stark, a Seaboard navigator in the 1950's. He lives in the state home for veterans in Paramus New Jersey; and he gets around in a motorized wheelchair. If anyone would like to contact him, he is listed in the e-mail directory.

Susie Morris

Susie Morris, who was a Seaboard & Western flight attendant, is joining SPAR. Her e-mail address has been added to the directory.

Patricia Berry Miller

The following message was received from Patricia Berry Miller who was a Seaboard flight attendant in the 1950's. If anyone would like to contact her, she is listed in the directories.

"My name is Patricia J. Miller, but my last name was Berry when I was flying. I was with S & W from Oct. 1953 thru Feb. 1954. Then I went with United. Those days with S & W were the most fun I had as a stewardess!!! I stayed with United 'til I was married in 1957. What wonderful times we all had when airlines were small and so were the airplanes."

Maureen Lannon Amberg

The following message was received from Maureen Lannon Amberg who was a Seaboard flight attendant in the 1950's. If anyone would like to contact her, she is listed in the directories.

"I was hired 11/2/1953 in Los Angeles,flying from SUU to ACG, TYO via Shemya, AWK & HNL. This was on C54's. I returned from my last flight on Jan. 25th 1954 when I went to fly for United Airlines. However, I returned to S & W in Oct. 1954 and flew the Super Constellation to Europe until my marriage in April 1955."

Mystery Picture #2

David Hill has obtained (via eBay) an historic Seaboard picture from the 1950's or early 1960's. The picture has been posted in the album section, miscellaneous photos. It shows Don Blinn on the right and Milt Greene seated. We do not recognize the guy on the left. You can see it here. You can see an enlargement of the unidentified guy here. We would also like to know when and where the picture was taken, and any other detail you might know about the picture.

Mystery Picture #1

When David Hill and I were working on the Seaboard video, there were some pictures with people we could not identify. This is one of them. Thanks to Pinky Clark, Bill Eastwood, Mike Wojciechowski, and Bill Callanan, three of the five people have been identified. According to "Capt X" on the FTL forum, the hotel (shown in the lower picture) is Hickam Barracks. This picture is now in the album section, miscellaneous photos.

9/10/06   Capt. Ed Cardinali Retires

Congratulations to Capt. Ed Cardinali who retired today after a 39-year airline career.

A list of the aircraft operated by Seaboard has been added to the aircraft section, courtesy of Capt. David. O. Hill.  Additional information has been added from the internet. I'm certain that there are errors (mine) and omissions. Please send corrections if you know of any.

Member's Activities

Notices previously posted on this page about members' activities which are of long-term interest have been moved to Members' Activities.

In the aircraft section, Capt. Paul Jordan's photo of a C-46 has been replaced by a larger version of the same photo.

A photo of a DC-8-63CF in Loftleidr Icelandic livery has been added to the aircraft section, courtesy of Mel Lawrence.

Connie Photos

Some of you may be familiar with, a web site that has more than 1,000,000 aircraft photos. Three photographers who have photos of Seaboard Connies there, Ted Quackenbush, Mel Lawrence, and John F. Cisela, have generously allowed me to use some of their photos on our web site. They are in the aircraft section. Mr. Quackenbush's photo is  HERE.  Mr. Lawrence's photos are HERE and  HERE.  Mr. Cisela's photo is  HERE.  Be sure to read the fascinating history of N1005C.  I'm sure that these photos will bring back memories.

Seaboard 747F with P&W JT9D-70A Engines

Although there is a photo of a Seaboard 747 on the home page and on the aircraft page, neither shows the unusual JT9D-70A engines. There is now a photo showing them HERE.

Wet-Leased Aircraft

From time to time throughout its history, Seaboard leased aircraft to other airlines. Often, these were wet leases, for which Seaboard provided crews and flight operations services. Some of these aircraft, in the livery of such airlines, can be seen HERE.

7/3/06   Billy Reese's book

Billy Reese (navigator) is requesting photos for a book he is writing about his Seaboard experiences. If you have a photo or photos of yourself or others in a Seaboard context from the early days, please send them to him. His address is in the directory. Timeliness is essential; as he plans to go to the publisher within a couple of weeks.

6/23/06   Carl Brell

Received from Ed Mitchell

I just got through talking to Carl Brell. It takes a little doing. He sounds great and he remembered me, but he has Alsheimer's. Some days, he is good and the next day, not. To reach him:

Call 401-246-0237 and ask for his nurse
She will arraign for him to be in his room at a certain time, then call his room

You can send a card to him at

147 Bay Spring Ave.
Barrington, RI
Atria room 114

2006 Reunion Photos

The reunion was a colossal success, thanks to the efforts of many people, led by Capt. Paul Jordan and Capt. Paul Cellecz. Hundreds of photos were taken, and the album section now has 99 photos on 6 pages showing everyone who attended (approximately 88 people) at least once. The photos were contributed by Pinky Clark, Lou Furlong, Patricia Jordan, Ted Loubris, Christl Mathis, Nancy Pennell, and me. Be sure to look at the photos from Lou and Kathy Furlong's trip up from Georgia in their IFR-Equipped Cub. They can be seen on the last page (#6). I'm jealous every time I look at them. Click HERE to see the reunion photos.

Captain David O. Hill's photo of a Lockheed SR-71

Read about it HERE.

Seaboard Flight 253, Down in the Kuriles

On July 1, 1968, a Seaboard DC-8-63CF en route from Seattle to Tokyo carrying 215 military passengers was intercepted by Russian MiG fighters and forced to land on Iturup Island in the Kuriles. An account, prepared by Capt. Bill Eastwood, who was dead-heading, can be seen HERE.

Ray Witwick?

A Seaboard uniform cap recently sold on eBay for $149. The name inside was Ray Witwick. Does anybody remember a crewmember by that name? The cap style was adopted in 1961, so he was on the payroll in 1961 or later.


We've received word that three members of the Seaboard famaily have been suffering with medical problems.

Judie Carroll Moore has been battling health problems since last May. It started with a routine operation that didn't turn out well, and led to subsequent complications. Now, it appears that she is on the road to recovery; and we hope to see her and Stephen at the reunion.

Diane Angoni has also had an operation and serious illness.

Vicki Thornton has had several operations, and is going to have another one to repair a torn rotator cuff in her shoulder. In spite of the pain, she has been playing golf!

We send all three our best wishes for a speedy recovery. If anyone would like to contact them, they are listed in the directories. I'm sure it would cheer them up to hear from old friends.


Today is Capt. Vince Sproul's 90th birthday.

Happy birthday, Vince.


We received a message from Bernie Seidner's wife Ida that Bernie had a stroke three years ago. He is in a wheel chair and cannot walk. He can speak a little and still reads, but with therapy, he still cannot walk.

Service Pins

Using photos taken by Captain David O. Hill during the making of the Seaboard video, a page has been added showing some of the service pins that were given to employees. Originally, we believed that the second-generation pins had stars added starting at 5 years. We now believe that the first star was added at 10 years. If anybody knows that this is incorrect, please let me know.

Crew Seniority Lists

These pages were made possible by the work of Andrea Battern who painstakingly entered almost 1,000 names into databases and spreadsheets, and by Capt. David Hill. The lists are incomplete. If you have a seniority list that shows additional crewmembers, please send me a copy; or send any additions or corrections. The goal is to list every crewmember who flew a revenue trip. Can anyone confirm that the following pilots flew for Seaboard?

Rodney Stich
Joe Davison (sp?)


Happy birthday to John Willmott

Today is John's 90th birthday. Here's a picture of Joan and John on his birthday. Happy birthday, John


Removed because of spyware!

There is a web site with images of airline timetables, including some of Seaboard's.

They can be seen at

The 2004 reunion was a great success, due to the efforts of Mary & Bob Mangas, Patricia & Paul Jordan, Sheila & Paul Cellecz, and David Hill. I hope I have not omitted anyone. Those of us who attended owe them a vote of thanks.

Reunion pictures - Updated 4/27/04.  There are now 62 pictures of the reunion, with everyone who attended shown at least once. These pictures were provided by Anita & Ed Bouvier, Pinky Clark & Dolores Andrew, Karin & Matt Devine, Jackie & Dick Schwanky, Jeannie & John Snidow, Joan & John Willmott, and me.


According to the Tigers web site, Dudley Boleware had an ATV accident and broke seven ribs. Apparently, he is still in the hospital in Cedar City, UT.


National Geographic is planning to publishing a special issue, titled FLASHBACK, due on the newsstands May 11. We have been notified that one of the articles, "Looking Back," will have a photograph of cows being loaded onto a Seaboard DC-4. The magazine should cost about $10.


Happy holidays to all SPAR members and their families. Special greetings to Capt. Bob Snowden, founder of SPAR, who celebrated his 90th birthday on Christmas day, 2003.

Wedding Bells


Congratulations and best wishes to Capt. Dick Schwanky and F/A Jackie Lloyd who were married on Aug. 3 in Reno, NV. To see a wedding picture, click here.


Based on information in the September issue of Air Line Pilot, I published a notice about the passing of Alan Keeler. I have just learned from John Griffith that Alan is alive and well! I immediately called ALPA and they will publish a correction in the next issue. I am deeply sorry for any distress this caused Alan or any of his friends. John reports that Alan is an executive with Bombardier at BDL in Connecticut.


Happy birthday to Captain Harry Donnell

Today is Harry's 90th birthday. We all wish him a very happy birthday.


Request from Arizona Smith's daughter.

My name is Denise Smith Sharp and am the youngest daughter of William P. Smith, a former Seaboard AL employee. My father's health has deteriorated considerably in the past year and he is unable to communicate effectively. I and my siblings--older brother Michael and older sister Edith (who is his guardian)--are trying to piece together his military history as he wishes to be buried in Arlington National Cemetery. A lot of his own personal records that he had kept over the years disappeared when his vehicle was stolen a number of years ago; also stolen was his military decorations, including his Silver Star. I don't know how much time we have until he passes on...unfortunately, like many adult children, we procrastinated in pursuing this important task and now time is running out. We are interested in any information or good stories about our father that you might have. I do hope you can help us. In addition to my e-mail address I can be reached at 775-267-3566 or 1282 La Sierra Court, Minden, NV 89423. Thank you for your assistance.

Respectfully, Denise Smith Sharp


There have been some recent changes to the SPAR staff.  Capt. Ed Bouvier has been appointed Vice-President.   Capt. Paul Cellecz has taken over as Treasurer from Capt. Arnie Visnick.   Judy (Carroll) Moore & Stephan Moore have taken over as Editors of the newsletter from Peg & Rich Bochkay. Thanks for a job well done to Arnie, Peg & Rich.   Click here to see the current lineup.

Received from David Hill

I am very pleased to report that Judy (Carroll) Moore and her husband, Stephen Moore have agreed to take over the SPAR Newsletter after Rich & Peggy Bochkay publish their last issue later this spring. Judy, who works for a newspaper, and Steve both bring a host of appropriate skills to this task, and we are all very fortunate that they have accepted this important role.

Until all the members are email capable (probably never), SPAR continues to rely heavily upon the newsletter to convey important information. I hope everyone will assist them by, among other things, their timely submissions of articles and announcements.

Received from Steve Albers

I just retired from Federal Express. I started my career at Seaboard on the CL-44.

I am building my river front retirement home on the Gulf Coast near Mobile, Alabama. I own the Fish River Seaplane Base (5AL0) and plan a private heliport as part of the project.

Received from George Knuckey,

The Flying Tiger Line handled SWA aircraft in Saigon during the Vietnam airlift. On April 12, 1966 the Viet Cong launched a late evening mortar attack against Tan Son Nhut airport causing considerable damage to aircraft on the military side of the field and destroying a large Jet A fuel storage tank on the commercial side. As FTL manager, I handled an SWA CL44 which was the only commercial aircraft on the ground during this attack. It had just been offloaded and was enroute to Clark AB. I am anxious to reach any of the three crew members involved in this incident to secure names, aircraft tail number, private log book data and any details they can add to my recollections (which I will be happy to supply).