2013 SPAR Reunion

Tampa, FL   March 1 - March 4

Revised April 10, 2013

The photographers, whose initials are in parentheses, are listed at the bottom of the page

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Fantasy of Flight

lf005t.jpg Happy campers, off to see airplanes (LF)

tl154t.jpg Part of one man's fantastic collection of airplanes; 47 as of the reunion

Many are in flying condition  (TL)

lf111t.jpg including this Connie. (LF)

lf247t.jpg Most have been exquisitely restored, including this immaculate Corsair. (LF)

kk553t.jpg Nick is with his lady, surrounded by airplanes.
No wonder he's smiling.

Nick & Sandy Tramontano  (KK)

tl149t.jpg Bill McMakin and Bob Mangas in front of a B-24 Liberator  (TL)

tl139t.jpg Bill McMakin in the cockpit of a B-24.

He was a B-24 aircraft commander during WWII when he was only 20 years old.  (TL)

lf113t.jpg Bill giving Lou Furlong a B-24 checkout (LF)

kk558t.jpg Sue John with an example of "nose art" on a B-25 bomber.  (KK)

lf165t.jpg Lunch break (LF)

kk565t.jpg Vera Penland with Bob & Sabine Gibson (and a gorgeous P-51)  (KK)

kk557t.jpg Rebecca Carroll, Pat Parlette, and Sandy Tramontano  (KK)

kk559t.jpg Glenda & Joe Restivo  (KK)

kk560t.jpg Pam Snyder & Allan Prince  (KK)

kk562t.jpg Ken Kahn and Allan Prince  (KK)

tl134t.jpg Allan Tiburzi  (TL)

ab199t.jpg Ready to start

Ed Bouvier in the cockpit of a Beech 18  (AB)

lf014t.jpg There were also exhibits (LF)

lf023t.jpg and videos (LF)

lf106t.jpg The gals were great sports and pretended to enjoy it all.

Rebecca Carroll, Patty Hyatt, and Vera Penland (LF)

Dinner at Maggiano's Little Italy

ab236t.jpg The pleasure of dinner with old friends

Sue John, Chuck & Anne Clark, and Art John  (AB)

ab235t.jpg Patty & Bill Hyatt  (AB)

sw044t.jpg Lou Furlong and Bill McMakin  (SW)

ABAnita Bouvier
LFLou Furlong
KKKen Kahn
TLTed Loubris
SWSue Whipple

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