Seaboard's First Douglas DC-4

dc4_6.jpg Seaboard archive 

Seaboard's first aircraft, NC58008, was an Army surplus Douglas C-54 Skymaster. It was purchased on October 19th, 1946. It was flown to an American Airlines maintenance facility in St. Joseph, Missouri for conversion to civilian DC-4 specifications. It could carry 15,000 lb. payload across the Atlantic, a huge figure at the time. Seaboard operated its DC-4s in three different configurations; pure freighter, as seen here, passenger/freighter "combi," as seen here, and in a standard 48 passenger seating arrangement. NC58008 is seen above wearing Seaboard's first paint scheme. This aircraft would carry the name "Geneva Trader." The instrument panel of a Seaboard DC-4 can be seen here.

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