Animals Transported by Seaboard & Western / Seaboard World Airlines

Official Seaboard photos unless otherwise noted

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idl_first-t.jpg Whirling Ruston, a French filly, is being led down the ramp backwards after arriving on the first flight from Europe
to land at Idlewild, July 9th, 1948. A few hours later, the same aircraft departed on the first flight from Idlewild to Europe.


 Photo courtesy of Capt. David Hill  

horse-t.jpg Racehorse on a DC-4

 Seaboard photo courtesy of Lois Farella  

racehorse-3t.jpg Another racehorse transported on a DC-4

monkeyst-1t.jpgRhesus monkeys imported from India for research that led to the Salk polio vaccine. Shown here being loaded onto a DC‑4.

elephant-t.jpg A baby elephant, a gift from the children of India to President Eisenhower, being loaded on a Seaboard DC-4 in Bombay, India, 1959.

 Photo courtesy of Capt. Ed Mitchell

elephant-2t.jpgElephants on a DC-4

elephant-3t.jpg In 1956, Seaboard flew this Andalusian donkey and baby elephant on a DC‑4 from London to New York.

The donkey was a gift from the Spanish government to David Eisenhower, the president's grandson.

The photo appeared in over 500 newspapers and magazines.  

cheetahs-t.jpg Cheetahs in a shipping cage

lion-1t.jpg Lion in transit

Like the Cheetahs, it did not enjoy first-class accommodations.  

cows-t.jpg Cows being loaded onto a DC-4

cows-2t.jpg Another view of cows being loaded onto a DC-4

cows-4t.jpg Cows loaded next to other freight on a DC-4

The recipients of the freight might have wondered about the odor.  

cows-3t.jpg Cow being unloaded from a DC-8-63CF, 1974

 Photo courtesy of Capt. Ed Mitchell