Robert A. "Bob" Neff

Über Alles

After All


Robert "Bob" Neff worked for Seaboard for 20 years as senior vice president, corporation secretary, and director. His work in Germany for Seaboard inspired him to write about World War II. In 2016, at age 85, he published his first novel, Über Alles. It is the story of two musicians; Sophie, the daughter of a German general; and Dieter. They learned that they both have Jewish mothers and Dieter ends up in a concentration camp while Sophie continued her singing career.

The sequel, published in 2020, is titled After All: A Gathering Storm of Romance, Revenge, and Espionage in Postwar South America. Dieter, having escaped from the concentration camp, and Sophie reunite in Brazil. Their life is complicated by Nazi hunters pursuing Sophie's father who is hiding in Brazil.

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