Capt. Lynn Rippelmeyer

Life Takes Wings and Life takes Flight

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Capt. Lynn Rippelmeyer had a remarkable career. In less than two years, she was hired by Seaboard, furloughed, hired by People Express, and upgraded to captain. She went through two mergers, finally retiring from United Airlines. There is a page on this Website devoted to her life and career.

Life Takes Wings chronicles Lynn's life up to the time when she became the first female pilot to fly the Boeing 747. The sequel, Life Takes Flight, continues her remarkable story through her career, becoming the first female 747 transoceanic captain, retirement from United as a Boeing 787 captain, and her charitable activities in Honduras. Both books are available from Lynn's Website, The proceeds will benefit the ROSE Foundation, a non-profit charitable organization that Lynn founded to help the people of Honduras.