Purpose and Acknowledgments

Revised July 26, 2021

The purpose of these pages is to establish a permanent, accurate record of the operations of Seaboard & Western / Seaboard World Airlines. The content was created with the contribution of former Seaboard pilots who had access to original sources, documents and other individuals directly involved in Seaboard's history.

The first history was presented by Capt. John Bilotta who created the original Web site for SPAR, an organization of retired Seaboard pilots. When Capt. Ken Kahn took over the SPAR website in 2001, it contained approximately 23 pages and 18 photographs. Meanwhile, Capt. David O. Hill had been appointed Seaboard's official historian. In 1999, he produced a 57‑minute video, Seaboard World Airlines - A Crew Member's Album, for which he had done exhaustive historical research and for which he had acquired more than one thousand photographs. Capt. Kahn assisted by editing the 442 photographs used in the video.

Capt. Kahn gradually completely revised the Web site and separated the SPAR material from the Seaboard material that is contained in these pages. The history section was rewritten to include information from the video, and the format was changed to include links to photographs and related material. Currently, the Seaboard section contains approximately 560 html pages and 930 photos. None of the original files remain.

Finally, thanks are given to the many Seaboard crewmembers, ground employees, and others who contributed photographs and information. Credit for the photographs is given on the pages where they appear.

Ken Kahn
Seaboard Webmaster