Revised January 31, 2017

Except for those navigators whose dates are shown in blue, numbers 32 through 48 were employed all of/part of 1953 and 1954. However, no seniority list or date of hire is available. Their names were listed on company "personnel distribution" sheets. Some navigators who left the company prior to 1953 or 1954 do not appear on any available seniority list. As they become known through examination of Seaboard newsletters and online crew manifests, they are added with blue dates indicating that the actual date of hire is unknown. The blue date is that of the earliest manifest found as yet listing that person as a Seaboard crewmember or a mention in a newsletter.

Navigators for whom seniority number is not known are listed at bottom of list. (119 - 130).

The era of navigators ended at Seaboard in late 1970 when the entire fleet was equipped with Inertial Navigation Systems.

No. Name Date of Hire
1Heguy, Henry 
2Mitchell, Edmond 
3Murphy, William M.7/15/1947
4Riley, Joseph R., Jr.10/8/1947
5Campfield, Donald10/8/1947
6Talcik, Ladislaus "Larry"10/16/1947
7Jamieson, William Harry, Jr.10/26/1947
8Taylor, Albert R.2/16/1947
9Carr, William G.2/27/1948
10Wieder, Joseph R.3/22/1948
11Potter, Robert V.7/30/1948
12Robinson, John M.12/8/1948
13Mahoney, Louis F.9/2/1948
14Siegmann, Ludwig "Bud"5/28/1950
15Smith, Philip J.5/28/1950
16Bosshardt, Rene A.5/28/1950
17Stroup, Francis "Ray"5/29/1950
18Albee, Robert6/25/1950
19Manson, Andrew7/3/1950
20Craven, L.7/11/1950
21Langley, Ralph7/12/1950
22Powell, Edward7/20/1950
23Frank, William9/14/1950
24Cairney, William E.9/28/1950
25Mcdonald, John9/28/1950
26Goldthorpe, Earl P.10/1/1950
27Green, Michael E.12/1/1950
28Berlin, Harold12/2/1950
29Van Warrebey, Glenn B.12/4/1950
30Kellogg, John F.12/4/1950
31Pepper, W. Joseph12/7/1950
32Schipper, Robert12/15/1950
33O'Connell, Thomas P.2/10/1951
34Thomasson, Hugh C.6/22/1951
35Redgate, Robert8/25/1951
36Seymour, Edward9/7/1951
37Calkins, Ralph L. 
38Carr, Jack A. 
39Cataldo, Wallace V. 
40Chambers, James C. 
41Fellows, Allan 
42Gibbons, Harold F. 
43McGeary, Francis 
44Rees, Billy R. 
45Shiber, George F. 
46Smith, William P. "Arizona" 
47Stanley, William, Jr. 
48Stark, Paul K. 
49Thomasson, Hugh C. 
50Van Gelder, William F. 
51Czaja, John C.2/11/1952
52Gillis, Fulton B.bef. 9/1/1952
53Borell, James W.bef. 10/24/1952
54Harrington, John L.2/21/1953
55Martz, Warren C.1/10/1953
56Davis, Gerald4/21/1953
57Stewart, Etienne E.6/12/1953
58Ward, Ted6/15/1964
59Greene, Milton8/2/1964
60Kessing, John8/19/1964
61Shadd, H.8/24/1964
62Damp, Ed9/1/1964
63Mc Farlen, Michael4/21/1965
64Summers, Fred4/21/1965
65Mikol, H.4/21/1965
66Nolte, Lincoln7/20/1965
67De George, C.7/26/1965
68Robinson, G.8/5/1965
69Dimmich, Harvey8/7/1965
70Ketcher, S.8/28/1965
71Carmichael, G.9/8/1965
72Hopkins, J.10/29/1965
73Reinke, Tom1/17/1966
74Delp, Walter2/2/1966
75Guernon, L.2/17/1966
76Yandell, C.4/4/1966
77Siegmann, E.4/4/1966
78Keppel, John4/4/1966
79Sarver, Hyman4/7/1966
80Palmer, R.5/17/1966
81Jamieson, William H., Jr.5/19/1966
82Giachetti, A.5/20/1966
83Dawson, John M.6/14/1966
84Rigan, Otto7/15/1966
85Gershenzon, Nolan7/17/1966
86Walter, Lawrence7/14/1966
87Fellows, Allan7/23/1966
88Watson, Jesse7/23/1966
89Ericcson, Stan7/23/1966
90Smith, P. W. 
91Coulson, Leonard 
92Brown, Jim 
93Batson, Adin 
94Shaka, Napoleon 
95Malmin, Glenn 
97Barnett, Ron 
98Olender, G. 
99Korf, R. 
100Fox, R. 
101Carlucci, Frank 
102Loubris, Paul8/23/1968
103DeLambert, Don8/23/1968
104Glittoni, Alexander 
105Thornton, J. 
106Sutton, L. 
107Mixon, C. 
108Becali, Enrique 
109Smith, R. 
111Ottway, Robert 
112Miller, G. 
113Baumann, N. 
114Bryant, J. 
115Zubach, R. 
116Welty, K. 
117Bruckler, Jacob 
118Jenkins, F. 
119Giles, J. 
120Rahn, Art 
122Buysee, Robert 
124Harrington, Don 
125Keating (Kessing?) 
126McLaughlin, William 
127Murchie, Guy 
128Palmer, Robert 
129Ritter, James 
130Walburton, George 
132Watt, William