Radio Operators were employed 1947 - 1954

Revised May 11, 2020

Flight radio operators were employed 1947 - 1954. They communicated with ground stations by Morse code during ocean crossings. Some radio operators do not appear on any available seniority list. The blue dates were found through examination of online crew manifests. They are the date of the earliest manifest found as yet listing that person as a Seaboard crewmember. The actual dates of hire are unknown. An asterisk indicates an estimated date of hire.

The era of radio operators ended at Seaboard in 1954 when the new Super Constellations and remaining DC‑4s were equipped with high‑frequency communications radios that enabled the pilots to communicate by voice with ground stations over long distances.

No. Name  
1Siglin, Lynford T.5/17/1947
2Hubbs, A. Burt5/17/1947
3Colston, Curtis M., Jr.6/5/1947
4Galuszka, Ladislaus M.6/21/1947
5Murphy, William M.7/15/1947
6Lawton, William G.9/4/1947
7Forero, George A.10/6/1947
8Ritter, James P.10/12/1947
9Waldrop, Donald L.11/14/1947
10Paul, Leonard M.11/25/1947
11Higley, Boyd C.1/11/1948
12Wartella, John, Jr.2/19/1948
13Wojciechowski, Michael H.2/28/1948
14Gorby, Earl A.3/16/1948
15Stone, Jerome4/30/1948
16Newman, Harry T.6/15/1948
17Sullivan, Timothy D.10/27/1948
18Callanan, William C.*6/20/1948
19Riley, Joseph R.12/12/1948
20MacMahon, John9/19/1949
21Carroll, John W.10/7/1949
22Koons, Donald8/3/1950
23Volkman, Arthur Willard "Will"9/9/1950
24Gagomiros, Christopher F.12/8/1950
25Rord, Robert J.2/10/1951
26Birge, Vincent H.11/15/1951
27Bergstrom, Gustave7/6/1952
28Pauer, Frank9/4/1952
29Eddy, Howard5/14/1953
30Marshall, Joseph J.6/7/1953
31Cook, Elhanan C.6/30/1953
32Smith, ?