DC-4 Accident in Gander

gander-1.jpg.jpg Picture courtesy Ms. Dawn Kelly and Jack Pinsent of the Gander Airport Historical Society

On November 22, 1955, N75415, a Seaboard DC-4 named Geneva Air Trader landed at Gander. The runway was covered with ¼ inch of snow. The aircraft ran off the runway and into a ditch. None of the four crew members were injured. Skilled mechanics repaired the damage and the aircraft flew out and returned to service.

The crewmembers were:

CaptainMark Sattler
First OfficerJohn Morreale
Second OfficerEdwin Walent
NavigatorWilliam Kennedy

Additional photos can be seen on the Website of the Gander Airport Historical Society.

A comprehensive report of the accident by Robert G. Pelley can be read at http://bobsganderhistory.com/SWGenevaAirTrader.pdf.

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