Seaboard DC-4 Accident in Iceland

Photos courtesy of Captain Ed Mitchell 

On March 30, 1951, N74644, a Seaboard DC-4, approached Reykjavík‑Keflavík International Airport in Iceland for landing. There was snow on the ground but the crew was told that the runway, 200 feet wide, had been cleared. However, only 100 feet of the width had been cleared, with snow banks on each side. The wingspan of the DC-4 was 117' 6" wide. Following a GCA (ground‑controlled approach), the number 1 engine hit a snow bank on the left side of the runway. The aircraft spun around and caught fire. It was damaged beyond repair but there were no fatalities among the 6 crew members.

The crewmembers were:

CaptainJoe Kuklewicz
Relief CaptainWalter Kupchak
Co-pilotEd Mitchell
Radio Operator 

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