Crew Manifest for First Seaboard Flight


The first Seaboard flight left Newark for Geneva via Milan on May 11, 1947. It made fuel stops in Gander and Shannon. This is the manifest for the return flight which made the same stops and arrived in Newark on May 17. The cargo included four Italian race horses picked up in Milan. The following day, an Associated Press article in the Cincinnati Enquirer reported that the portion of the flight from Milan to Newark took 25 hours. Note that the crew is listed on a piece of paper attached to a ship's manifest. Two names are crossed out, an engineer and a pilot. The pilot was Seaboard president Ray Norden. Perhaps they were onboard the eastbound trip. Captain Mlinar, Seaboard's first pilot, was most likely the captain on the eastbound trip.

The crewmembers were (as listed):

CaptainBob Warner 
PilotPaul MlinarRelief Captain
PilotJohn Yule 
NavigatorHenry Heguy 
1st Radio OperatorLynford Siglin 
2nd Radio OperatorBurt Hubbs 
Flight EngineerHugo HaedrichFlight Mechanic
PilotCarl BrellVice President Operations
PurserClifford SmouseHorse trainer

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