Flight to the North Pole

a02.jpg Courtesy of Rene Bosshardt 

In June 1955, veteran arctic explorer Louise Boyd of California enlisted the use of DC-4 N1221V, "Oslo Airtrader," for a flight to the North Pole. After a stop at Bodo Airbase in northern Norway to fuel and pick up senior Norwegian military advisors, the fifteen hour round trip to the North Pole began -- using an unprecedented THREE navigators!

Posing for this pre-expedition photo in Oslo are (left-to-right): navigator Ed Powell, flight radio operator Harry Newman, 2nd officer Bill Dodds, 1st officer Jock Johnson, expedition leader Boyd, chief navigator John Robinson, aviation consultant Thor Solberg, Capt. Paul Mlinar, flight mechanic Thomas Reese, and navigator Rene Bosshardt.

Text supplied by Capt. David O. Hill, SPAR Historian and Archivist.