Arthur V. Norden

10/8/13 - 12/7/86


Art Norden was born in Tarrytown, NY. He and his brother Ray served as pilots in the Air Transport Command (ATC) of the U.S. Army Air Forces during World War II. Art was the flight safety officer of the Indochina Division and substantially reduced the accident rate on the notorious "Hump" route over the Himalaya. At the end of the war, he became chief of the Flying Safety Division of the ATC. Art and Ray founded Seaboard on Sept. 11, 1946. Art was 32 years old and served as Executive Vice President and Treasurer. He is survived by daughters Katherine Norden Woods, Patricia Norden, Betsy Norden Haley, Janet Lucille Norden; and son, Raymond Arthur Norden. Betsy Norden Haley has had a distinguished career as an opera singer. A soprano, she was a soloist during her 23-year career at the Metropolitan Opera in New York, sang over 600 performances, 39 roles and 35 works.

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