Suzanne Beerli Hendricks

9/16/28 - 4/5/09

beerli.jpg USAF Photo by Detachment 4, 600th Photo Sq. AAVS (MAC)

Sue is seen here putting up Christmas decorations at Cam Ranh Bay, Vietnam; December 1971.

The following memorial tribute was contributed by Richard Craven.

I'm sorry to read of the passing of Sue Beerli. A few years before I left the real estate business I was asked to handle a property on Oak Beach. Although just a few miles over the Captree Bridge from my own location, Oak Beach was not my usual territory. Sue, however, was a resident of the Beach and an active broker there as well. She jumped right in and helped me enormously. She was funny, personable and friendly as always. She was just being Sue Beerli.


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