Margot D. Burke

2/18/42 - 12/25/94


Margot was born and raised in Wenham, Mass. She graduated from Grace Downs in June 1961 and flew for Seaboard as a flight attendant during that summer. She is survived by her son, Bruce Harting; and her daughters Carla Brooks and Carrie Boles. After working for Seaboard, she lived in the Chicago area.

The following memorial tribute was written to Bruce by Pat Rothacker.

I remember Margot very well. In the summertime, Seaboard hired extra crewmembers because we flew on government contracts and we had extra work then. I was flying senior at the time and I remember being so impressed with her although she was much younger than me. Because of our age difference I did not "hang out" with the girls in her age bracket but she did work with me. We also stayed in the same hotel in Frankfurt. It was the Palace Hotel and I often ate in the hotel restaurant with her. She had a sparkling personality and a wonderful personality mixture. Somehow she managed to be both gregarious and sophisticated at the same time. She had a ladylike quality but did not hold back. She was warm and friendly and outgoing. I was so impressed with her at the time, I remember thinking if I ever have a daughter, I will name her Margot.

I do have a daughter and after her birth my husband and I were talking about a name and I suggested Margot. He vetoed the idea because he said that people would misspell it. We compromised on Marlene but I want you to know that I was still thinking of your mother in 1970 when my daughter was born.

Picture courtesy of Margot's family

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