Ogden Chenault Gorman

11/30/21 - 7/12/92

Seaboard photo

Ogden Gorman was born in Baltimore, Md. He joined the Royal Canadian Air Force in 1941. He flew two tours of duty, 50 missions, in British Halifax bombers over Europe. He was awarded the British Distinguished Flying Cross in 1944 for bringing back a heavily damaged bomber and crash‑landing on an English beach.

When the war in Europe was over, Ogden transferred to the U.S. Army Air Corps as a captain. He flew B‑25 bombers, expecting to fly missions in the Pacific; but the war ended before he flew a combat mission.

Ogden joined Seaboard in the winter of 1955-1956 as European Sales Manager, based in Luxembourg. In 1985, he joined Walker‑Wilson Travel Agency in Baltimore and served as vice president until his death.

Ogden Gorman's first wife, the former Carol Stettinius, to whom he had been married for 44 years, died in 1991. He is survived by his second wife, the former Betsy McLane Fisher; sons Peter C. Gorman, Ogden P. Gorman, Geoffrey N. Gorman, and Mark Gorman; stepsons, Thomas H. Cover and McLane F. Cover; his brother, Aubrey Gorman; and five grandchildren.

The photo appeared in the Winter 1956 issue of The Airtrader, the company newsletter, when he was hired.

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