Rosaline M. "Roz" Grashaw

4/23/26 - 6/16/15

Photo courtesy of Roz Grashaw

Roz Grashaw was hired by Seaboard in 1953. To allay her parents' concerns about her safety, Roz wrote this letter to them. When the flight attendants unionized in 1956, she became number 3 on the new seniority list. She soon became number 1. Her 39-year career, at Seaboard, Flying tigers, and FedEx, was the longest of any flight attendant in Seaboard's history.

Roz is seen here wearing the first Seaboard World flight attendants' uniform in the early 1960s (after the company changed its name from Seaboard & Western).

She left this statement of her last wishes.

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