Capt. Richard J. Hettenbaugh, Sr.

10/27/18 - 1/31/68

Photo and information courtesy of Capt. Richard J. Hettenbaugh, Jr.
Move cursor over photo to see colorized version by Capt. Ken Kahn

Prior to World War II, Capt. Dick Hettenbaugh flew Ford Tri-Motors. He was hired over the phone by American Airlines but the day of his flight test was the day Pearl Harbor was attacked and American froze hiring. Dick then joined the U.S. Army Air Corps. He started out instructing Russian pilots in Fairbanks, Alaska. He then transferred to the Air Transport Command; flying C-47s and C-54s. He also ferried B-17s to England and occasionally flew Vice-President Harry Truman. After the war, Dick flew for a couple of airlines before joining Seaboard.

Capt. Dick Hettenbaugh is survived by his sons Tom and Capt. Dick Hettenbaugh, Jr. He was only 49 when he died.

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