Aaron B. "Burt" Hubbs

6/15/18 - 7/13/99

hubbs.jpg Seaboard photo courtesy of Capt. Joe Szaflarski

Burt Hubbs was born in Hartford, Conn. After graduating from college, he joined the Royal Canadian Air Force in 1941 and served as radio operator, gunner and bombardier with Bomber Command until 1944. He then joined the Air Transport Command of the Royal Air Force.

Burt was one of Seaboard's first employees. He was the radio operator on Seaboard's first flight in 1947, and became vice president and general manager - Europe. His career continued with Flying Tigers until the merger with FedEx in 1989, a 42-year span.

Burt is survived by his son, John; daughter, Debbie Hubbs Bartlett; and grandson, John Troy Hubbs.

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