Capt. William Wallace "Bill" McMakin

6/21/23 - 5/21/21

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Photo courtesy of Capt. Temple RobinsonPhoto courtesy of McMakin family

Capt. Bill McMakin was born in Hinsdale, Penn. He served as a pilot in the U.S. Army Air Forces during World War II. On his 21st birthday, he flew his first mission as a co-pilot on a B‑24. They bombed Munich and returned with 10 flak holes in the airplane. Two days later, he flew in command of a B-24 on a bombing run on a German-occupied airfield in France. They lost 2 engines and the hydraulic system. They barely made it back to England when they ran out of fuel, were unable to lower the flaps and landing gear, and crash‑landed at an airfield. Bill was injured and spent 8 days recovering before returning to duty. He flew 25 more missions in B‑24s with the 8th Air Force. After the war, he flew for KLM before joining Seaboard. Bill was also a sailplane pilot and instructor. He flew sailplanes into his 90's.

Bill was predeceased by his wife, Martha four months earlier. They were married for over 73 years. He is survived by daughter Beth McMakin and grandchildren Trent and Blair Ruder; son Doug McMakin and granddaughters Lindsay, Laura, and Carly, great-granddaughter Madison; and son Paul McMakin and his wife Sherry.

Bill is seen above left in 1963.

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