Capt. G. "Gerry" Prince

1/28/27 - 11/13/71

prince.jpg Picture courtesy of Capt. Berni Glick

Capt. Gerry Prince is seen here at an Air Line Pilots Association national meeting. When he died due to a heart attack, he was only 44 years old. He is survived by his wife, Patty.

The following memorial tribute was contributed by Capt. Bill Eastwood.

Today, November 6, 2003, I called Patricia Prince, the widow of Gerry Prince. She remembered that Gerry had often spoken of me. Gerry died November 13, 1971, about 32 years ago of a sudden and unexpected heart attack.

I want to tell how much I admired Gerry and what his friendship meant to me. When he first came to work with Seaboard, he was junior to me and we had trips together when he was my copilot. We got along famously. He had a great sense of humor. We both had flown for Transocean Airlines before coming to Seaboard and although we didn't know each other then, we later remembered and shared stories of the Transocean adventures of those earlier days. We flew together with Seaboard to many parts of the world and shared layovers. He always talked of Patty and home. Soon, when Gerry became captain, our layover points coincided and we were able to continue our comradeship for many years. We met many times at Frankfurt, Tokyo, and London.

Gerry was a natural pilot; one of those who looks as if he never studies the manuals, never thinks too much about the skillful techniques of flying, but is always proficient, always dependable. As I have said, he had a great sense of humor and liked to tease.

I always wanted to have the pleasure of knowing and sharing stories with Gerry as we grew older, after we retired. I wanted to see how he handled this task of growing old.

I miss him today, as I do some other Seaboard pilots. But Gerry was somebody special.

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