John West Willmott

11/17/14 - 3/11/16

Photos courtesy of John Willmott

John Willmott learned to fly while he was in high school. After he graduated, he entered the U.S. Coast Guard and first served as a Surfman in the Life Saving Service of the U.S. Coast Guard at Fire Island, N.Y. He then was trained as a radioman. In 1938, after three years in the Coast Guard, John went to work for Pan American as a Flight Radio Officer flying on Boeing 314 Clipper flying boats. When the U.S. entered World War II, Pan Am flight operations were taken over by the U.S. Army Air Corps and John flew in that service until 1942 when he joined the Naval Air Transport Service. By the end of the war, John had served in three branches of service.

After World War II, John flew for American Overseas Airways and American Airlines before joining Seaboard in 1953. He had many other interests and he was a talented artist. John is survived by his sons John Williamson, Charles (CB) Williamson, Don Williamson, and Russell Willmott; his stepdaughter, Roxy White; grandchildren and great-grandchildren. John was predeceased by his wife, Joan (née Stevens). He was previously married to Jacqueline Brinkman and to Suzanne Rode.

John is seen above in the 1950s with flight attendant Suzanne Rode to whom he was then married.