Seaboard Service Pins

Photos courtesy of Capt. David. O. Hill

w440.jpg w290.jpg w441.jpg
S&W S&W 1-year S&W ?-year

w291.jpg w292.jpg 1star.jpg
1-year 5-year 10-year

2star.jpg w141.jpg w294.jpg
15-year 20-year 10-year

w295.jpg pearl2.jpg w443.jpg
15-year 20-year 25-year



1.  The top row shows Seaboard & Western pins.

2.  The round pin in the top row was given to all employees.

3.  The S&W 1-year pin was manufactured by L. G. Balfour Co., Attleboro, MA

4.  Second-generation pins were introduced after the company became Seaboard World Airlines. They are silver or gold, with stars starting at 10 years of service.

5.  Third-generation pins have enameled letters, with gems instead of stars.

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