Hazardous Duty in a War Zone

by Capt. Ken Kahn

I had a pax trip into Vietnam, I think it was Cam Ranh Bay. After we discharged the passengers, we had a couple of hours or so before the outbound passengers were boarded. As it was quite hot in the cockpit, I went down and stood by the foot of the boarding stairs to get some air. One of the young flight attendants, who I didn't know at all, joined me. Although I am not tall, I towered over her. After chatting for a few minutes, a very large soldier wearing the green jungle fatigues of that era approached us. The F/A said, "Here comes my high-school boyfriend." He towered over me as much as I towered over her. As he reached us, the F/A took my arm and said to the hulking armed giant, "Bob, this is my fiancé." I don't know which of us was more stunned. I said I would give them some time alone and I beat a hasty retreat up the stairs. I hid in the cockpit until departure.

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