Seaboard Cockpit Items

Revised August 20, 2020

The photographers, whose initials are in parentheses, are listed at the bottom of the page

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heading_slips-t.jpg  Navigators heading change slips **

 2 ¾" x 2 ⅞"

  Navigation page  (KK)

cln_cl44-ft.jpg  CL-44 normal operating checklist (as printed in the CL-44 Operating Manual)

  back (V-speeds)  (DH)

cln_dc8-55_at.jpg  DC-8-55F normal operating checklist

 8 ½" x 11"

  back  (KK)

cle_dc8-55_at.jpg  DC-8-55F emergency checklist

 11" x 17"

  back  (KK)

cln_b747-245f_at.jpg  B747-245F normal operating checklist

 8 ½" x 11"

  back  (KK)

dc8-63_cruise_alt_at.jpg  DC-8-63 Cruise Altitude Chart

 Long Range Cruise

  back - Mach .82  (DH)

dc8f_cruise_cardt.jpg  DC-8F cruise card

 5 ½" x 6 ½"

 Cruise cards were prepared by the flight engineers and placed over the radar indicator
 forward of the throttle quadrant in the same manner as the landing card seen in this photo.  (KK)

chart1at.jpg  1951 Approach Plate for Idlewild Airport (JFK)  (KK)*

 (Government chart used by Seaboard)  

upper_deck_cl-1t.jpg  Upper-deck checklist  (DH)

upper_deck_cl-2t.jpg  Upper-deck medical kit checklist  (DH)

DHCapt. David Hill
KKCapt. Ken Kahn
*Donated by Capt. Bill Eastwood
**Donated by Pam Snyder

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