Seaboard Documents for Customers

August 23, 2020

The photographers, whose initials are in parentheses, are listed at the bottom of the page

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pet_brochure1at.jpg  S & Brochure for customers who wanted to ship their pets

 folded size 7" x 7"

  back  (DH)

1956_brochure_cover_t.jpg  S & W brochure for customers, 1956

 folded size 8½" x11"

  inside  (DH)

german_postcard_brochure-t.jpg  S & W postcard brochure for German customers

 folded size 4" x 5¾"

  inside  (DH)

connie_brochure-t.jpg   S & W brochure for customers

 folded size 8½" x 3¾"

  inside   (DH)

cl44_customer_doc-t.jpg  Seaboard brochure for customers

 folded size 9" x 4½"

  inside   (DH)

charter1ft.jpg  Seaboard brochure for charter customers, 1960-1961

 folded size 8¼" x 4"

 unfolded 21¾" x 4"


 The image of the Connie shows a hybrid Seaboard & Western / Seaboard World paint job not seen in any other photo.
 It is possibly a retouched photo. (KK)

charter2-1-t.jpg  Seaboard brochure

 folded size 9" x 3¾"   unfolded size 18" x 3¾"  (DH)

  pages 2 and 3
  pages 4 and 5
  pages 6 and 7

b747brochure1-ct.jpg  18-page brochure with B-747F facts and figures*

 closed size 8 ½" x 4"  (KK)

b747brochure2-ct.jpg  18-page brochure for Seaboard's intermodal air-truck transport system*

 closed size 8 ½" x 4"  (KK)

rates1_0t.jpg  S&W freight rate document, January 15, 1948

 unfolded size 11" x 8½"

  back  (KK)

sched2_0t.jpg  S&W flight schedule and freight rate document, February 1, 1957

 unfolded size 16" x 9⅛"

  back  (KK)

sched3_0t.jpg  SWA flight schedule and freight rate document, 1978

 unfolded size 16" x 9"

  back  (KK)

sched_1t.jpg  Cover of a schedule of flights Seaboard flew for Saudia, 1970's

 8⅞" x 4"  (KK)

scand_broch-at.jpg  Cover of a timetable for service to Scandinavia

 Seaboard intermittently provided air service to Copenhagen, Stockholm, and Oslo.

  back  (DH)

DHCapt. David Hill
KKCapt. Ken Kahn
*Donated by Pam Snyder

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