Seaboard Miscellaneous Memorabilia

Revised July 24, 2022

The photographers, whose initials are in parentheses, are listed at the bottom of the page

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newsletter-1t.jpg  1949 Seaboard & Western newsletter printed on plain paper.

 Typically two or three pages stapled together.

 It shows the early corporate address; 16 Liberty Street, NY, NY.

 8 ½" x 12" (KK)

newsletter-2t.jpg  1952 Seaboard & Western newsletter printed on glossy paper.

 8 ½" x 11" (KK)

fellowship-1t.jpg  In 1952, Seaboard established two Fellowships in the Graduate School of Business of Columbia University.

  Outside of brochure

  Inside of brochure  (KK)

dc10_1t.jpg  1978 Seaboard World newsletter showing the Douglas DC-10-30CF bought but never operated by Seaboard.

 It was originally destined for Overseas National Airways but ONA ceased operations the day before delivery.
 It was operated by Loftleidir Icelandic and a few other airlines. Ownership passed to Tigerair and
 ultimately to FedEx where it entered service in 1984. It was still in service there in the summer of 2013,
 thirty-five years after it left the factory. (GR)

seats1at.jpg  Seating chart for DC-8-60 series aircraft.

 Although the caption says 219 passengers, this chart shows additional seats for a total of 259 passengers.
 The military's seat-pitch requirement limited the total to 219 passengers.

 25" x 9 "  (KK)

dc8_63_fuel_overlay-t.jpg  Fuel overlay used by station agents to determine the c.g. (center of gravity) of DC-8-63F aircraft
  for the weight and balance information used by flight crews to set the stabilizer trim for takeoff.  (DH)

awst_ad_pas-t.jpg  Advertisement by Aviation Week & Space Technology for the Paris Air Show issue, June 6, 1975
 showing a Seaboard B‑747  (DH)

awst_ad_pw-t.jpg  Advertisement by Pratt & Whitney featuring Jere Farah, Seaboard VP‑Maintenance & Engineering,
 in Aviation Week & Space Technology issue of January 23, 1978 for the JT9D‑70A engine.  (DH)

hfc_ad1t.jpg  Advertisement by the Houston Fearless Corporation, manufacturer of cargo-handling equipment,
 in Aviation Week & Space Technology, June 25, 1962  (DH)

decca_ad1t.jpg  Advertisement by Decca Navigator System, Inc. in the British magazine, Flight, June 1967

 Seaboard tested the Decca navigation system to see if it could replace navigators but the system was unreliable in Seaboard tests and was not installed in the fleet.  (DH)

varta_ad1t.jpg  Advertisement by VARTA Battery showing SWA B-707

  top  (DH)  

p_and_w_ad1t.jpg  Advertisement by Pratt & Whitney showing SWA B-747  (DH)  

s_w_xmas_card-2t.jpg  S & W Christmas card (cover)

 6 ¾" x 5 ¼"

  inside (signed by Chief Flight Attendant Jan Irwin)  (KK)

 Courtesy of Astrid Frank  

s_w_xmas_card-1t.jpg  S & W Christmas card (cover)

 6 ¼" x 4 ½"  (DH)

stock1t.jpg  S & W stock certificate  (DH)

awst1.jpg  Cover of Aviation Week & Space Technology, November 11, 1974

 The aircraft shown is N701SW, Seaboard's first B-747-245F  (MB)

alpa1.jpg  Cover of Air Line Pilot magazine, March, 1977.

 The aircraft shown is N702SW, Seaboard's second B-747-245F

 The photo was taken at Boeing by Capt. David O. Hill  (KK)

alpa2.jpg  Cover of Air Line Pilot magazine, September 1973.

 Seaboard mechanic Claude Toudic at Seaboard's Paris Orly.
 When Seaboard provide the photo to ALPA, they failed to notify them that the photo was taken by Capt. David O. Hill  (DH)

atw1.jpg  Cover of Air Transport World magazine, June 1973.

 Seaboard CEO Richard Jackson  (DH)

fa1_0t.jpg  Flight Attendant employment requirements and pay, sometime after 1972

 unfolded size 8 3/4" x 13 15/16"

  back  (KK)

MBMichael Bradish
DHCapt. David Hill
KKCapt. Ken Kahn
GRGustav Reckiek

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