Seaboard Passenger Memorabilia

Revised November 29, 2021

The photographers, whose initials are in parentheses, are listed at the bottom of the page

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napkin-1t.jpg  S&W blankets *** (DH)


blanket-1t.jpg  S&W gray blanket *** (DH)


cards3t.jpg  S&W Connie playing cards  (KK)


cards1t.jpg  S&W CL-44 playing cards  (KK)


cards2t.jpg  SWA playing cards  (DH)



 SWA playing cards box  (DH)
 3 ½" x 2 ¼"

 Manufactured by Brown & Bigelow

matches-3t.jpg  SWA matchbook showing DC-8-55F *  (KK)



matches-2t.jpg  SWA matchbook showing DC-8-63CF *  (KK)



napkin-1t.jpg  SWA napkin ** (KK)


cup1t.jpg  SWA paper cup  (KK)

cup1t.jpg  SWA sugar packet  (DH)

stirrer1t.jpg  SWA cocktail stirrers  (KK)

 6 ½" long

 These are very rare items.

stirrer1t.jpg  Black SWA cocktail stirrer  (DH)

 8" long

coaster1t.jpg  SWA B-747 coaster  (KK)

 3 ⅝" x 3 ⅝"

s_w_kiddy_wingt.jpg  S&W Future Pilot Wings, given to boys who were passengers. (DH)

 2 ¼" across

s_w_jrstew_wingt.jpg  S&W Jr. Stewardess Wings, given to girls who were passengers.  (DH)

 2 ¼" across  

swa_kiddy_wingt.jpg  SWA Kiddy Wings, given to children who were passengers. (DH)

 2 ¾" across

DHCapt. David Hill
KKCapt. Ken Kahn
*Donated by Pat Parlette
**Donated by Pam Snyder
***Donated by Krista Szaflarski

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