Seaboard Flight Crew Uniforms

Revised April 13, 2014

The photographers or contributors, whose initials are in parentheses, are listed at the bottom of the page

The colors were deteriorated by the time I got the photos. They were restored without a reference and are not to be considered accurate.

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a01t.jpg This 1948 photo shows the original gray cockpit crew uniform with insignia worn 1947-1950 and made of sterling-silver bullion.

(names at bottom of photo)  (RS)

a06t.jpg This photo shows the S&W gray overcoat.

(names at bottom of photo)  (SW)

w463t.jpg This photo shows the red necktie and second-generation insignia worn 1950-1961.

(names at bottom of photo)  (RM)

rode1t.jpg John Willmott with Suzanne Rode, to whom he was then married, in the 1950s.  (JW)

ep11t.jpg Ellie Prakopcyk wearing the gray F/A uniform and cap, 1958.  (EP)

dm021t.jpg Cookie Betancourt and Diana Morgan wearing the gray uniform overcoats, 1963.  (DM)

w021t.jpg Unidentified flight attendants wearing the gray uniforms. They are standing with an Irish guard. They each have medical caducei on their sleeves, indicating that they are registered nurses. One was required by the military on MAC flights.  (JS)

w428t.jpg Nancy Lovell and Roz Grashaw wearing the first Seaboard World F/A uniform, introduced in 1961. Introduced with the new uniform were new insignia.  (RG)

w362t.jpg The cap was soon replaced by a low-profile model. Seen here are Vi Orbach, Rebecca Wayt, H. Reich, and Cathy Attridge.  (CB)

pp02t.jpg Pat Parlette wearing the same uniform. It was worn until 1968.  (PP)

mmp_12t.jpg New F/A uniforms were introduced in 1968. They included blue and yellow knit dresses. This is Nora Cole wearing a blue dress and a blue apron.  (MP)

dm01t.jpg Pete Forrest is wearing the blue dress and Diana Morgan is wearing a muumuu that was part of the ensemble.  (DM)

mmp_04t.jpg Aleta Kimbell and Shirley Smith are seen here wearing the yellow knit dresses. Shirley is wearing a flowered smock.  (MP)

mmp872-104t.jpg Pete Forrest and Jo Ann Benzing wearing short yellow zippered garments, 1972.  (MP)

w023t.jpg Last F/A uniform, introduced around 1972: Sandra Murtishaw, Jan Ireland, Barbara Morton, and Mary Schulte.
Jan is wearing a yellow jumper and Mary is wearing the raincoat, rain hat, and scarf.  (AB)

scarf1t.jpg The scarf is worn here by Martha McMakin
It was given to her by Toni Davis.  (MM)

w329t.jpg Stephanie Webster wearing a yellow coat over the blue dress.  (LW)

w256t.jpg F/A wings on the last uniform with striped shirt.  (AB)

mmp_11t.jpg Susie Hinton and Margaret Morrell Powell wearing the new beige dresses.  (MP)

mmp_08t.jpg Susie Hinton wearing the beige dress and unidentified F/A wearing the new leather coat.  (MP)

w263t.jpg Georgia Szydlo wearing a cape, 1973  (LW)

w166t.jpg Capt. John Morreale, Joe Restivo, and George Koch wearing the last cockpit crew uniform, introduced in 1961.  (JF)

lr02t.jpg The rarest Seaboard crew uniform; the female version of the last uniform.

Lynn Rippelmeyer, seen here in 1980, was one of only two women pilots to ever fly for Seaboard.

This was her first flight (in a Boeing 747).  (LR)

lr04t.jpg Lynn is seen here with Capt. Dary Alford in 1980 before her first flight.  (LR)

ABAndrea Battern (Seaboard photo)
CBCarol Bilderback
DMDiana Morgan
EPEllie Prakopcyk
JFJack Finn
JSCapt. Joe Szaflarski
JWJohn Willmott
LRLynn Rippelmeyer (Seaboard Photo)
LWLavyrn Wallace
MMMartha McMakin
MPMargaret Morrell Powell
PPPat Parlette
RGRoz Grashaw
RMCapt. Bob Mangas
RSCapt. Bob Snowden (Seaboard photo)
SWSeaboard archive (Seaboard Photo)

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