The Seaboard Video was originally published as a VHS tape. It came with a booklet listing the 442 photos used to make the video.
That list is reproduced below. Place mouse cursor over logo to see Seaboard & Western logo.

bp - b&w print bs - b&w slide cp - color print cs - color slide
ct - color transparency ms - mini slide 3D - 3D slide  
No. Type Subject Photographer (provider)
1cpSeaboard & Western Airlines logo (Airtrader-Airfreight version)S&W (Brell)
2cpSWA logo (small trapezoidal sticker)Hill (Kahn)
3csSWA lapel pin - Korean knock-offHill
4bsArthur (Exec. VP) & Raymond Norden (Pres.) w/ C-54, 1946 S&W (Von Urff)
5bpRaymond A. Norden, President of Seaboard & Western Airlines Sanderson (Farella)
6bpArthur V. Norden, Executive Vice President, and Treasurer, S&W Airlines Bachrach (Farella)
7csSeaboard & Western lapel pin (given to all employees)Hill (Brell)
8bpWarren H. ("Henry") Renninger - S&W 's VP Maintenance & Engineering S&W (Renninger)
9bpCarl D. Brell, VP OperationsS&W (Brell)
10bpWallace "Wally" P. Neth, Corporate Secretary & Director of Traffic S&W (Brell)
11bpS&W Douglas C-54 before conversion to DC-4 1946 (in flight)S&W (Farella)
12bpS&W's 1st aircraft being loaded for what is believed to be the first flight S&W (Brell)
13bpC-54 (Douglas DC-4) "Geneva Trader" - S&W 's first acft & flight SWA (Hill)
14cpSeaboard & Western Airline's official logo and corporate titlingS&W (Brell-Clark)
15bpMap of SWA's route structure (adapted from Air Line Pilot - Sept. 1973 p. 7)AIR LINE PILOT mag.
16dpEmblem on 1st generation S&W pilot's cap (1947-50)Hill (Halsmer)
17bpDC-4 in flight NC91085 S&W (Farella)
18bpAerial view of New York International Airport - Idlewild, 1953 (Kahn)
19bpS&W DC-4 - N1220V being loaded S&W (Gray)
20bpFirst commercial landing at Doels Airfield, Chateauroux, France - 1953 S&W Brell)
21bpDC-4 with disembarking U.S. servicemen in Tokyo, Japan SWA (Hill)
22dpLockheed L-1049 Super Connie prototype in flight over southern Calif.Lockheed
23cpDouglas DC-8-55F N801SW on test flight over Pacific OceanDouglas (Waddington)
24cpDC-8-63CF on pre-delivery flight near Long Beach, CA April 1968Douglas Aircraft Co.
25csModern ramp look - dual 747's (at Boeing factory, Everett, WA)Hill
26cpCover of 1970 annual report showing DC-8-63CF with I.A.T.A. logoSWA (Hill)
27cpThree components of very early INS: Litton LTN-51 inertial navigation systemLitton (Skaggs)
28csCockpit, DC-4 (actually war-surplus C-54)Robinson
29csB-747 cockpit - front panel May 1976Hill
30bpC-54 (DC-4) in Geneva during late 1940sSWA (Hill)
31csLoading a B-747-245FSWA (Szaflarski)
32bpEarly traffic/warehouse facility - probably at Idlewild. Bill Tierney is on the rightS&W (Farella)
33bpAerial of SWA cargo terminal & operations center - Bldg. 260 - mid 1960s S&W (Farella)
34csFrankfurt in 1948Nelson
35csCity Hall, Frankfurt, under repair from bombing damage WWIINelson
36csCity Hall, Frankfurt, nearly restoredNelson
37bpS & W DC-4 on takeoff SWA (Hill)
38bpDC-4 carrying replacement engines to Europe for "Operation Vittles" - 1948 S&W (Farella)
39bpDC-4 showing full cargo load - Rhein-Main Airport, Frankfurt, Germany S&W (Farella)
40csLoading in the early days, C-46 SWA (Von Urff)
41bpDC-4 being manually loaded - Geneva, Switzerland - 1947 S&W (Farella)
42bpS&W DC-4 intentionally tilted back on tail to facilitate loading - Singapore 1947S&W (Farella)
43cpCL-44 with loader and pallets about to be put aboard Canadair (Hill)
44bp8' x 8' x 20' containers being loaded aboard main deck of B-747F Airline Pilot magazine
45csPratt & Whitney R-2000 Twin Wasp 14 cyl., 1450 hp (C-54)Snowden
46csWright R-3350 turbo-compound engine (Connie)Mathis
47csRolls Royce Tyne MK 515-10 turboprop (CL-44) April 1964Gray
48csPratt & Whitney JT3D-7 turbojet (DC-8-63) July 1969Hill
49csPratt & Whitney JT9D-70A turbojet (B-747-245) May 1976Hill
50cs (Crew Hotel location and crew unknown: Bud Siegman T Ollie Clark? LR)Szaflarski
51csPhoenecia Intercontinental Hotel, Beirut, LebanonHill
52cpIlikai Hotel, Waikiki Beach, Honolulu, OahuPostcard (Angoni)
53cpTokyo HiltonPostcard (Angoni)
54bpRoy B. Benson, Seaboard's 5th hired pilot, in DC-4 S&W (Farella)
55csEarly S&W flight attendant uniform (with Border Guard)Szaflarski
56csFriedrick Jaeger & James G. McCormick (photo for 1973 Ann. Rpt.)Hill
57cpLast f/a Uniform: Sandra Murtishaw, Jan Ireland, B. Morton, Mary Schlute SWA (Battern)
58csTypical pax terminal in early years: Shannon, IrelandSzaflarski
59csFrankfurt airport terminal (late 1970's)SWA (Battern)
60csDisembarking in Honolulu, Hawaii (Capt. Ray Poole & crew)Szaflarski
61csKarachi, PakistanSzaflarski
62csRome, ItalySzaflarski
63csKarachi, PakistanSzaflarski
64csN802SW in service again after being leased to Air Bahamas Nov. 1970Hill
65dpLuxembourg Airlines pilot's cap emblem (worn during S&W wet-lease ops)Hill (Straley)
66cpLuxembourg Airlines label(Nelson)
67csS&W DC-3 LX-LAA in Luxembourg Airlines' service, Luxembourg AirportSnowden
68csLuxembourg Airlines DC-3 w/ Bob Snowden and deadheading Tigers crewNelson
69ctConnie "03C" wet leased to BOAC (British Overseas Airways Corp.)SWA (Battern)
70csConnie "08C" wet leased to Sabena Belgian World Airlines 1958Heller
71csDC-8-55F N806SW in JAL colors at SWA cargo terminal, JFK June 1971Hill
72csCloseup: T.M.A. cargo charter in Bombay, India (w/ Capt. Ed Foster) Nov. 1970Hill
73csDC-8-63CF in LHR: one of three wet leased to Saudia Airlines 1977Heller
74csCL-44 turning final - Wake Island Mar. 1966Gray
75csUnidentified f/a ("stewardesses") on beachMathis
76csPoolside, Biltmore Hotel, Oahu, HawaiiMathis
77csSingapore waterfrontSzaflarski
78csGuam July 1972Szaflarski
79cs(George Forero, Niles Grover, ??? and Joe Pepper)Szaflarski
80csDC-4 "Paris Airtrader" at the Distant Early Warning ("DEW") Line in the 1950sMathis
81csCL-44 in Alaska Jan. 1966Gray
82csDowntown Anchorage, Alaska 1972Szaflarski
83csDC-8-55F landing at Cold Bay, AlaskaClem
84csGrizzly Bear at Cold Bay, Aleutian Islands, Alaska 1966Gray
85csMess hall at Cold Bay, Alaska Sept. 1966Gray
86csDuty-free shop FRASWA (Battern)
87csAirport food store FRASWA (Battern)
88csDr. Müller's Sex Shop FRASWA (Battern)
89csSex Bar FRA 1971Cellecz
90csAerial view of Istanbul, Turkey showing "The Golden Horn" (looking SSW)Hill
91csWaterfront, Beirut, Lebanon (as seen from balcony of Phoenecia Hotel)Hill
92csCrew preparing for charter flight to North Pole - Oslo, Norway 17 June 1955Bosshardt
93bpS&W pax flight w/ stewardesses giving safety briefing and demo -- Connie S&W (Brell)
94bpN50055 w/ Purdue Univ. Glee Club, Washington Nat'l. Airport, 20 June 1950 Halsmer
95cpCaptain's Deck ticket envelopeSWA (Battern)
96cs747 upper-deck w/ military pax (with F/A A.F."Pete" Forrest) 1979SWA (Szaflarski)
97cp747 Containership cutaway showing proposed "combi" configurationSWA (Battern)
98ctCaptain's Deck food service ("Coach Class")SWA (Battern)
99cpCaptain's Deck meal service ("First Class")SWA (Battern)
100csCargo on "CF" (= Convertible) Aircraft 1974Jordan
101cpS&W "Handle With Love" label(Nelson)
102csBoyd Higley holding a chimpanzee en route on a DC-4Nelson
103csFRA load team 1963Robinson
104csBaby elephant: gift to President Eisenhower from children of India 1959Mitchell
105csBaby elephant being loaded on DC-4 - Bombay, India 1959Mitchell
106bpUnidentified woman with leopard cub. S&W (Brell)
107csS.S. United States departing New York City pier 1966Hill
108bpSzaflarski (?), Frank Umhoefer and Wendell Hale with mice carried on Connie S&W (Brell)
109bpElephants aboard a S&W DC-4 (photo by Nat Fein, New York Herald Tribune)Fein (Brell)
110bpHogs and cattle on a DC-4 animal charter S&W (Brell)
111csCows being unloaded from a DC-8-63CF 1974Mitchell
112bpThoroughbred race horse being put aboard a S&W DC-4 S&W (Farella)
113bpUnloading a burro S&W (Brell)
114bpAutomobile being unloaded from a DC-4 SWA (Hill)
115bpDC-4 in flight (need more data)SWA (Snowden)
116csDC-8-63CF May 1969Hill
117csAlan Heller pointing to ignored "Dangerous Goods" labels 1973Cellecz
118cpR. Paul Roderick and Bob Straley on picket duty at Travis A.F.B., California(Straley)
119bpDC-4 landing accident in IcelandS&W (Brell)
120csDC-8-63CF N8634 in runway excursion accident at LHR Feb. 1969Stainer (Waddington)
121cpN8634 in Stockton, CA 10/16/69, 40 weeks following delivery; 3,442 flt. hrs.Furlong
122cpMiG-17 threatening SWA DC-8 near Kurile Islands., USSR June 1968, LIFE July 19Jacquier (Hill)
123cpClose-up of Russian MiG alongside N8631 June 30, 1968Carr
124csSWA cockpit crew member's hat emblemHill
125csEngine maintenance in HNL (DC-4)Robinson
1263DConnie landing against sunset framed by Connie propellersClark
127ctDC-4 on ramp with mechanicsS&W (Farella)
128bpS&W 's first acft. NC58008 at AAL conversion facility, St. Joseph, MO - Mar. 1947S&W (Brell)
129csS&W DC-4 N1221V photo by T.W. ColnColn (Waddington)
130csCharlie Johnson, Bud Siegman, Robert Jenkins, Ian Adamson, John MorrealeMangas
131csDC-4 "Frankfurt Airtrader" being fueled in Gander, Newfoundland 1951Snowden
132bpMlinar, Henry Heguy & Robert F. Warner: all memb. of 1st flt crew ('69)SWA (McCann)
133bpE.Mitchell, Roy Benson, Joseph Szaflarski, Raymond Korty, agent, Lennie PaulSWA (Mitchell)
134cpUnloading 10,000 lb. ship's rudder stock in Singapore (DC-4)S&W (Brell)
135csDC-4 "Oslo Airtrader" on ramp in Taipei, Formosa (now Taiwan)Snowden
136csDC-4 "Singapore Trader" refueling at Wake Island, early 1950sEastwood
137csGreat pyramids at Giza, Egypt as seen from DC-4Nelson
138bpDC-4 freighter interior SWA (Hill)
139bpDC-4 pax/freighter "combi" interior SWA (Hill)
140bpPax crew in Transocean office, HNL: Callanan,?, Al Fellows, Davis?, ? + ?(Callanan)
141bpU.N. sponsored refugee flight Yemen to Israel -1952(Farella)
142bpU.N. sponsored refugee flight Yemen to Israel -1952 - custom 12 abreast seats(Farella)
143bpU.N. sponsored refugee flight Yemen to Israel -1952 - custom 12 abreast seats(Farella)
144cpDC-4 - NC74644 w/ Henry L. Heguy in foregroundGray
145csS&W Curtiss-Wright CW-20 (C-46) "Commando" N1648M at Luxembourg Apt.Nelson
146bpS&W Curtiss-Wright C-46 - N1649M (one of several from early years)S&W (Gray)
147cpS&W C-46 N10427S&W (Farella)
148csSWA's last Curtiss-Wright C-46 N10427 known as "Emma"Jordan
149csSWA Curtiss-Wright C-46 - closeup of Emma's tail sectionJordan
150cpDC-3 in Seaboard & Western paint schemeS&W (Battern)
151csSeaboard & Western DC-3 in Luxembourg Airlines livery Nelson
152csS&W Douglas DC-3 in Luxembourg Airlines livery - ParisSnowden
153cpS&W Lockheed L-1049 Super Constellation ("Connie") on test flightSWA (Clark)
154bpJoseph "Joe" Halsmer with arriving "03C" at night(Halsmer)
155bpLockheed L-1049D Super Constellation "03C" on takeoff (Halsmer)
156bsLockheed L-1049D Super Constellation "01C" in flight over ocean SWA (Von Urff)
157bpCutaway drawing of S&W Super Constellation with full cargo loadS&W (Farella)
158ctS&W Connie N6503C in BOAC colors for wet-lease operationSWA (Battern)
159ctConnie - pax Interior: Main Cabin Looking ForwardSWA (Battern)
160ctConnie - pax Interior: Starboard-side SeatingSWA (Battern)
161ctConnie - pax Interior: GalleySWA (Battern)
162ctConnie - pax Interior: LavatorySWA (Battern)
163cpElectronic equipment from USA being unloaded from Connie - Stuttgart, Ger.S&W (Brell)
1643DWright R-3350 Turbo-Compound Engines (Connie)Clark
165csLockheed L-1049D Super Constellation "01C"Szaflarski
166csConnie "01C" on ramp in EuropeSzaflarski
167csConnie "08C" w/ two others on JFK rampMathis
168cpRichard M. Jackson on cover - June 1973 issue of "Air Transport World"(Battern)
169csCorporate headquarters, Bldg. 178, JFK Int'l. Airport, NY built winter 1958-1959SWA (Szaflarski)
170cpSWA Logo (blue-gray & yellow against sky blue) and Title in official fontSWA (Hill)
171dpS&W kiddie wings (souvenir given out to children passengers)Hill (Straley)
172dpSWA kiddie wings (souvenir given out to children passengers)Hill (Tomasky)
173csSeaboard & Western 5-Year Service PinHill (Robinson)
174csSWA 25-year service pin (w/ diamond)Hill (Henry)
175cs2nd generation Seaboard & Western pilot wingsHill (Clark)
176csSWA captain's wingsHill
177csSWA's expanded and refurbished Headquarters (Bldg. 178) July 1971Hill
178csSWA board of directors - photo for '72 Annual Report Jan. 1972SWA (Szaflarski)
179csBoard of directors on facilities tourSWA (Szaflarski)
180csRichard W. Trail, John H. Mahoney, Richard M. JacksonSWA (Szaflarski)
181csRobert A. Neff, Sr. V.P., Corp. Admin. & Corp. Secty.SWA (Szaflarski)
182csHenry L. Heguy, V.P. Syst.Ops (Left); former Navigator; hired in 1947SWA (Szaflarski)
183csA. Burt Hubbs, V.P. & Gen. Mgr., Europe (S&W -SWA-FTL 1947-1989)SWA (Szaflarski)
184csJere T. Farrah, Charles H. Bell, Carlyle R. Hirschberg Jan. 1972SWA
185csPlaque on air cargo terminal & operations center, Bldg. 260, JFKSWA (Szaflarski)
186csAir cargo terminal & operations center, Bldg. 260, JFKSWA (Szaflarski)
187csLoading docks (at night), Bldg. 260, JFKHill
188csCanadair CL-44D showing "swing tail" w/ courier seats and rear cabin 1964Mathis
189csCanadair CL-44D Saigon Oct. 1965Gray
190bpCanadair CL-44s under construction at assembly plant (city ?)Canadair (Hill)
191cpCanadair CL-44D in flightCanadair (Hill)
192csCanadair CL-44D 1965Mathis
193csCanadair CL-44D LHR 1963Robinson
194csLoading a CL-44 (1963) 1963Robinson
195csCanadair CL-44 on ramp in Saigon, Vietnam - 1965Clark
196csVietnamese loaders - Saigon -1966Clark
197cpCL-44 cockpit w/ Capt. Bob Henry and S/O R. Paul Perfette(Henry)
198dpLouis Marx & Co. SWA CL-44 "Swing Tail" battery operated toy (Original Box)Hill (Robinson)
199dpLouis Marx & Co. SWA CL-44 "Swing Tail" battery operated toy (on display)Hill (Robinson)
200csS&W crews eyeing BOAC's deHavilland "Comet" - world's first commercial jetNelson
201cpDC-8-55F in flight N801SWDouglas (Farella)
202csDouglas DC-8-55F N805SW 1965Sproul
203cpDC-8-55F at cargo ramp, LHR (return to Pinky)Clark
204csDC-8-63CF prototype on test flight over southern Calif. April 1968Douglas Aircraft Co.
205cpBoeing 707-345C N7322S front viewBoeing (Hill)
206cpBoeing 707-345C N7322S rear viewBoeing (Hill)
207cpBoeing 707 N7322S loading at Arlanda Airport, Stockholm, Sweden 1968Treger
208csDouglas DC-8-63CF landing Feb. 1970Hill
209cpDouglas DC-8-63CF pax configuration (interior)SWA (Battern)
210csDC-8-63CF prototype N8631 in Douglas payload demonstration June 1968Douglas Aircraft Co.
211csDouglas DC-8-63CF freighter configuration Nov. 1970Hill
212csDC-8-63CF N8632 in pax config. - SeaTac Airport, Seattle, WA Jan. 1970Hill
213csDouglas DC-8-63CF pax configuration - taking aboard catering Feb. 1970Hill
214csDouglas DC-8-63CF N8632 in Cam Ranh Bay, Vietnam 1968Mathis
215csUSAF Boeing B-52 landing at Anderson A.F.B., Guam, Marianas July 1969Hill
216csUSAF B-52's on bombing mission en route from Guam to Vietnam May 1969Hill
217cpDC-8-63CF N8635 with load of hand grenades being refueled on Wake IslandTreger
218cpTina Mortensen w/ G.I. in Cam Ranh Bay, VietnamMortensen
219csDouglas DC-8-63CF cockpit at night Apr. 1971Hill
220csDouglas DC-8-63CF N8631 Feb. 1970Hill
221csDouglas DC-8-63CF N8633 empennage May 1969Hill
222cpDC-8-63CF in Seaboard's final paint schemeSWA (Battern)
223csLockheed SR-71 "Blackbird" (taken from boomer's window of KC-135G) 1979Hill (NGM)
224csGrumman F-14 "Tomcat" aboard U.S.S. Ranger April 1980Hill (NGM)
225cpSWA 747 Containership on test flight over Seattle areaBoeing (Hill)
226csBoeing 747-245F nose from below May 1976Hill
227bp747 nose loading an 8' x 8' x 20' container Nov. 11, 1974 issueAVIATION WEEK
228csPre-delivery Pan Am 747-100's at Boeing's 747 factory in Everett, WA Sept. 1969Hill
229csPratt & Whitney JT9D-70A turbofan engines on SWA B-747-245F Sept. 1979Hill
230csLufthansa 747-100 at Boeing Field, Seattle, WA Apr. 1970Hill
231csBoeing 747-245F Landing May 1976Hill
232cpAerial view of 1975 Paris Air Show w/ SWA 747 on displayAviation Week (Hill)
233cpAW&ST cover - Nov. 11, 1974 showing Seaboard's N701SWAviation Week (Hill)
234cpPratt & Whitney ad featuring SWA 747 from AW&ST Oct. 18 1976 issuePratt & Whitney (Hill)
235cs747-245F N703SW in flight at Boeing factory w/ sister ship in backgroundHill
236csBoeing 747-245F empennage "702" May 1976Hill
237csBoeing 747-245F pilot's instrument panel May 1976Hill
238csBoeing 747-245F flight engineer's panel Mar. 1976SWA (Szaflarski)
239cp747 upper-deck galleySWA (Battern)
240csBoeing 747-245F upper-deck seating Sept. 1979Hill
241csBoeing 747-245F landing (flare) Sept. 1979Hill
242csBoeing 747-245F shut-down & parked May 1976Hill
243csFlight Crew and mechanics in a scene from the "Connie Days" (Danny Mead)Szaflarski
244csPilots & Flight Attendants in wet-ditching trainingMathis
245csGeorgia Szydlo and Boyd C. Higley May 1973Wallace
246cpRobert L. "Bob" Mangas and Sarah UzzellBenzing
247csEllie Strite and Benjamin C. "Ben" Johnson Aug. 1964Gray
248bpLynn Benedict and Jay "Buzz" Callinan on crew bus Angoni
249bpTippy and Lina Ferrara - she in Sabena uniform, he in S&W Ferrara
250cp1st pax flight 9/47 (missing Capt. Warner) Jane & Henry Heguy (center)Breckheimer (Heguy)
251dp1st generation S&W pilot capHill (Halsmer)
252bpPaul W. Mlinar - last flight after long, distinguished career - Sept. 1969SWA (McCann)
253bpPaul W. Mlinar Jr. and Sr. at party celebrating his last flight & retirementSWA (McCann)
254csStanley T. LeBedisSWA (Szaflarski)
255csArthur R. Stelljes - photo for 1972 Annual Report Jan. 1972SWA (Szaflarski)
256csLawrence "Chuck" Burger w/ large Moray Eel, Wake I. 1966Gray
257csJoyce G."Gail" Guynn & Arnold "Arnie" Visnick 1969Webb
258csEdwin M. Foster & Scott Ketcher Mar. 1966Gray
259csRichard "Dick" Schwanky Jan. 1972SWA (Szaflarski)
260csBoeing 707-345C w/ Woody Woodrow & Ray Gray Mar. 1969Gray
261bpG. "Jerry" Prince & Bernard "Berni" Glick at ALPA nat'l meetingA.L.P.A. (Glick)
262csJohn P. Kenney 1971Wallace
263cpCharles R. "Chuck" Clarke (w/ Howard Bahr) and Lawrence F. "Larry" SullivanClarke
264csDaniel P. Hoolihan & Reginald V. "Bill" TribeFinn
265csJohn B. Morreale, Joseph S. Restivo, George F. KochFinn
266csRichard F. Hamm & Eugene J. O'SullivanFinn
267csWilliam F. "Bill" Neuenhaus (on JAL operation)Finn
268csRichard "Dick" King May 1974Cellecz
269cpEdward W. "Ed" Cardinali in his first year with SWA, age 20 1967(Cardinali)
270bpJoseph "Joe" Halsmer in November 1947 with "Annie" cast delivering turkeys(Halsmer)
271csGerhardt E. "Jerry" Lehman May 1974Cellecz
272csRobert Brady & Paul R. CelleczCellecz
273csRobert L. "Bob" LivingstonWebb
274csRobert L. Livingston Webb
275csWilliam C. "Bill" Bond 1978Webb
276csLawrence "Skin" Davis Feb. 1976Cellecz
277cpWilliam P. "Arizona" SmithMortensen
278csNicholas PohroneznyFinn
279csIan Adamson & W. J."Wally" Seymour (in Saudi Arabia) 1977Cellecz
280bpGeorge Forero, Michael H. Wojciechowski, Edmond H. Mitchell SWA (Mitchell)
281csDavid J. Hart Dec. 1967Gray
282csJohn C."Jack" Webb, Harry Sroka, Frederick A. Blackman Oct. 1978Webb
283csJoseph W. Kane (with Hans Fisher)Gray
284cpFrederick M. "Fred" SnyderSnyder
285cpRay DormanDorman
286csSamuel L. Higginbotham & J. Paul JordanGray
287csRichard J. "Rich" BochkaySzaflarski
288csRichard H. Kaehn, James C. Thomas, William W. Thornton Jan. 1973Hill
289csJoseph D. Tosolini & Kenneth W. "Salty" HallsSzaflarski
290csMorton Phiffer, Niles Grover, Russ Thal, Ralph Neary, Alfred Pozzoli(SWA) Szaflarski
291bpVolkman, Betty McCann, Wendell Hale (last flt party) & Frank UmhoeferSWA (McCann)
292csMaurice J. MurrayFinn
293bpMark Sattler, Kenneth J. Kahn, Daniel BreenSWA (Kahn)
294csNolan GershenzonCellecz
295csWilliam Bovers April 1971Hill
296bpArthur F. ("Art") NeuenhausPross (Grashaw)
297csBill Bond, John J. McGrail, Eugene O'Sullivan, Bill McMakinFinn
298csRobert Sorensen 1963Robinson
299cpWilliam G. "Bill" Dodds w/ DC-8 May '69(Dodds)
300bpCharles Eugene ("Charlie") PacePross (Grashaw)
301csBill Tribe, Harry Donnell, Walter T. "Jorgy" Jorgensen, Bill CairneyFinn
302csJack KelloggFinn
303bpWilliam C. "Bill" Lawrence, Roy Van Treuren & P. Cellecz -1972 SWA (Lawrence)
304csTemple S. Robinson (in front of crew hotel, Geneva)Robinson
305csJohn KessingFinn
306cpJan Van Berkum (in FTL 747)Lawrence
307csGeorge HamiltonWallace
308csWilliam McMakin, Howard Schlag & friends in Ireland Szaflarski
309csCarlyle R. HirschbergHill
310cpArnold M. Visnick & Henry Brockington (in FTL 747)Brockington
311csJohn G. Bilotta 1970 Jordan
312cpJoseph E. BartnickiBemis
313bpLloyd ChurcheyAngoni
314cpKen Axmaker (who left SWA to join startup FedEx - smart move!)Angoni
315cpRalph WebberAngoni (?)
316bpGene Greider S&W (Brell)
317csJames C. Thomas 1970Hyatt
318csMatthew W. Devine 1976Jordan
319csEdward J. Guariglia & George M. Conway 1976Jordan
320csDonald Blinn 1974Jordan
321bpForero, Ed Mitchell, John F. Campbell (crew on Ed's last flt April 6, 1980)SWA (Mitchell)
322csAl "Pozzie" Pozzoli 1970 Jordan
323csEverett Keeler 1970Jordan
324bpRod PetersonAngoni
325cpLouis R. Furlong, age 23, May 1969 Furlong
326bpKen ChapmanAngoni
327cpHal Bemis Bemis
328cpW. Dudley Boleware & Donald R. King Cuddy
329cpIke Battern & Sam DicanioBattern
330bpAlbert R. "Red" TaylorPross (Grashaw)
331cpBob HenryJacobs (Henry)
332cpJohn W. Locke and Charles R. "Chuck" ClarkeClarke
333cpDonald J. "Jay" Maxwell w/ Paul Jordan's Tiger Moth aircraftJordan
334cpRaymond A. MolhoBenzing
335bpArt Koutras & Darius AlfordAngoni
336cpJohn J. McGrail, Ray Powell and Karl H. PorscheMortensen
337cpHenry J. "Hank" Treger(Treger)
338cpLincoln A. "Link" DexterMortensen
339cpEdgar P. McKinney, J. Paul Jordan and George JacobanJacoban
340cpAllan F. Prince (in cockpit of Flying Tigers DC-8) (Prince)
341bpJoseph A. ("Joe") Kuklewicz Pross (Grashaw)
342csWilliam H. "Bill" Eastwood & Klaus Mueller 1970Jordan
343csPeter SolomonJordan
344csAllan R. Tiburzi 1976Jordan
345csHerbert G. Stauning Jul. 1952Jordan
346csRobert "Bob" PotterJordan
347csE. David "Dave" Crutchfield w/ unidentified person April 1975Volkman
348csEdgar P. "Ed" McKinney April 1975Volkman
349csArnold M. Visnick, James B. "Jim" Mathis,Jr., Robert E. "Bob" Prichard 1968Mathis
350csA. Keith "Dobbie" Dobson 1958Mathis
351csDonald "Don" Cutcomb (w/ crew scheduler Emily Stonitsch)Heller
352csPeter J. "Pete" Deschenes May 1978Airline Pilot magazine
353bpMilton "Milt" Greene, Louis R. Furlong, and Nicholas "Nick" HorrickFurlong
354csNicholas "Nick" Tramantano 1971Heller
355csJoseph F. "Joe" Pickerel and Frederick W. "Freddie" FasbenderHeller
356csPhillip Tomasky, Alan Heller and John SnidowHeller
357csPatrick J. "Pat" FoleyHeller
358csJim McCormick & Dominic S. CicorciariBemis
359csJules Sarver, Raymond Vicknair, Frank Rupar - Cold Bay, AKBemis
360msIan Adamson Jan. 1968 (possible reject = dup)Wallace
361csRayford L. Powell, Clyde W. "Ces" Bryant, and Francis "Ray" Stroup Clark
362bpHilary H. LeissLeiss
363csRobert L. Mangas, Bud Redgate and Robert E. O'Donnell 1964Clark
364cpBernard G. "Bernie" Seidner (in FTL uniform)Seidner
365msEdward G. Powell 1967Hyatt
366csR. J. "Rocky" Boroughf in CL-44, 1965Clark
367cs(Hettenbaugh, "Frenchy" full name? and Bruce R. Niebanck)Heller
368csHoward "Harry" Berlin Heller
369csWilliam R. Weldon and Noel H. Von UrffHeller
370csJohn C. O'Brien July 1972Heller
371bpJohn Mitchell (V.P., Carl Brell) and Edgar P. McKinneyS&W (Brell)
372csMartin J. "Marty" Salva and George F. MayfieldHeller
373cpWilliam A. "Bill" Hyatt and Robert G. "Bob" Kirn at 1990 SPAR reunion (?)Snyder
3743DWhitey Alberg and Robert M. Schipper in Charlie Johnson's room, Wake I.Clark
375csWarren J. Clark, William H. Eastwood, Frank W. UmhoeferSzaflarski
376csTheodore J. "Ted" Michaliszyn May 1978Airline Pilot magazine
377bpJames P. Ritter, Donald Campfield, Bob Warner, Janet Irwin & Bob SnowdenSWA (Snowden)
378cpRobert E. "Bob" Straley(Straley)
379bpRene A. BosshardtGessling (Bosshardt)
380bpMitchell, Alice Kullis Hirschberg, Emily Stonitsch, Mike Arnone SWA (Mitchell)
381csDavid O. Hill July 1969Hill
382csOriginal Seaboard & Western stewardess' overseas cap w/ half-wing pinHill (Grashaw)
383bpUnidentified stewardess on DC-4 cargo flight 1950/51S&W (Farella)
384bpLouise Robicheau (sp ?), flight nurse w/ billboard ad featuring S&W Connie Grashaw
385bpRoseline M. ("Roz") Grashaw - 1954Grashaw
386cpRoseline M. Grashaw in 1st uniform, October 1953Grashaw
387cpRM Grashaw in Sabena uniform worn in SBWA wet-lease operations-mid 50'sGrashaw
388cpNancy Lovell & Roseline Grashaw (1962?) in early SWA uniformGrashaw
389csSWA flight attendant's half-wing cap pinHill
390cpVi Orbach, Rebecca Wayt, H. Reich, Catherine Attridge (ck names)Bilderback
391cp(??? + ??? and Jacqueline "Jackie" LLoyd in 1968-71 uniform)Benzing
392bp(unidentified McChord [?] f/a in helmet)Angoni
393cpSWA flight attendant wings on modern (last) uniformSWA (Battern)
394msThelma M. "Terry" Carr April 1968Wallace
395csHelen Brown (Kessing)Gray
396msMary Ellen Jablonski & Nancy Cuddy Dec. 1967Wallace
397cpTina Mortensen and Dianne ChristensonMortensen
398bpDiane Bailey and Sherri HittAngoni
399msJeannie Cunningham (Bryant)Wallace
400csJudy Carroll, Velma Ewing, Lavyrn A. Wallace Jan. 1978Wallace
401csPatricia Parlette & P. K. "Keye" HollisterWallace
402csSharon Way with pilot Richard S. "Dick" MooreHyatt
403msPatricia F. Laska May 1969Wallace
404msEvelyn Hooper (King), Vicky Oswald (Thornton), K. Hollister, Diane StannardWallace
405cpJan Meredith and Tina MortensenMortensen
406csShanna McClung & Velma Ewing Aug. 1968Wallace
407csAlmond F. "Pete" Forrest May 1969Wallace
408csJill Judd Nov. 1968Wallace
409cpDiane Bailey outside SWA office at Travis A.F.B., CaliforniaAngoni
410cpCarolyn Okazaki and Mary Schulte (in background) on crew busAngoni
411csStephanie Webster Wallace
412cpKathy DubackerCuddy
413bpElaine P. Fife (w/ Vincent Sproul)Grashaw
414cpHolly CulverCuddy
4153DGeneiva "Genie" Crowley (Marks) and Gloria Lee HollandClark
416cpSuzanne BeerliClark
417cpJoAnn Benzing in RomeBenzing
418cpAndrea Cerar and Judith "Judie" CarrollBenzing
419cpDonna Dodge and Tina MortensenMortensen
420cpKathleen M. "Kathy" Mansfield (Furlong), Guam Jan. 1970Furlong
421cpSue "Suzie" Hinton with Bill DoddsFurlong
422csGloria Bowling, Eleanor "Ellie" Prakopcyk and Euginia "Jean" KenneyBenzing
423cpKaren MunkMortensen
424cpJanet ShipmanMortensen
425cpTina Mortensen and Carolyn EverhartMortensen
426cpEthel Payne and Frances "Fran" SaitoMortensen
427cpDiana BonitoMortensen
428csMargaret "Peggy" Barnish May 1973Wallace
429dpUSA shoulder patch worn by both cabin and cockpit crews in early daysHill (Grashaw)
430cs20 year, 2nd generation SWA service pinHill (Henry)
431csDelivering rice for starving Cambodians in Phnom Penh, April 1975Volkman
432csSam Higginbotham in flack gear-Cambodian Rice Lift, Mar. 29 - Apr. 11 1975Volkman
433cpSWA Curtiss-Wright C-46 SWA (Gray)
434bpAugust H. "Augie" Martin (8/31/19 - 7/1/68) 1st black airline pilot SWA (Hill)
435bpS&W Pres. R. Norden receiving award for its contribution to medical researchS&W (Brell)
436bpRichard Jackson, John Mahoney, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Jr. Mar. 3 1964SWA (Hill)
437bpIncl:(L-R) McCormick, Bill Donahue, Forero, Higley, Joe Halsmer - Iran, Feb. 1949 SWA (Hirschberg)
438cpDavid O. Hill w/ only 747 in FedEx's colors - Anchorage, Apr. 1991Gordon (Hill)
439cpKenneth J. Kahn in Flying Tigers 747(Kahn)
440csBoeing 747-245F climb out May 1976Hill
441cs747 flying off into "sunset" May 1976Hill
442cs747 flying off into "sunset" May 1976Hill