Seaboard Cockpit Crew Uniform Insignia

Photos and research courtesy of Capt. David. O. Hill

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Flight Attendants' Uniform Insignia

wp1t.jpg First-generation pilot insignia


wn1t.jpg First-generation insignia worn by other cockpit crewmembers.


wp2t.jpg Second-generation insignia worn by all cockpit crewmembers.


shoulder patch Uniform sleeve insignia worn by crewmembers.


wc3t.jpg Third-generation insignia worn by cockpit crewmembers.


swa_epaulets-t.jpg Third-generation epaulets worn by captains on their shirts (not to scale).

First officers' epaulets had three gold stripes and those worn by flight engineers and navigators had two gold stripes.


Note: All photos (larger version) are to the same scale, 180 pixels/inch; except where noted. The size on a computer monitor depends on the monitor resolution.